• I feel this needs to be repeated. Real life curses such as "Fuck" do not belong in this fantasy setting.

  • And feck, fark, and all the other derivatives are basically the same world. If your PC wants to curse, we've lists of appropriate words and phrases in several discussions on the forums.

  • Admin [DM]

    Bumping this after the prolific use of such language lately. Please, PLEASE be creative. If you need help, try these:


  • Admin [DM]

    Bump, I would like to remind everyone of this. Use other wordings such as feck or fark, be creative and fun. We have a long list of great suggestion threads and resources to use alternatives folks, use them.

  • Admin [DM]

    Bumping this as it has become an issue that is detracting from the fun for some people. Please consider the use of words and ask yourself:

    1. Am I being creative in my profanity?
    2. Does my swearing add anything to the experience of those around me and contribute to the story I want to tell?
    3. Is the word setting appropriate?
    4. Is the word offensive or demeaning to a person or group?

    This applies to Discord, IG and Forums.

    Also, since this has been brought up, I need to apologize to @Lord-Bhaliir for a perceived singling out. His use of language, save the post in question has never been an issue and the concern should have been brought to him in private.

    As always if you have any concerns or questions, please bring it to us.

    Thanks and happy gaming all.

    Professor Misclick