Reminder on "Adult" Roleplay

  • Guys and girls, we are not an "adult roleplay" or "social roleplay" server. Please do not engage in cyber-sex.

    Its one thing to assume your characters have an intimate relationship, its another to constantly open doors to use inn rooms and discover two naked pixilated characters going at it through emotes, actions, and yes even private Tells.

    Please, just don't do this. We have minors who play on this server, and I'm more than happy to ban you if I catch you cyber-sexing with someone young enough to be my daughter. What consensual adults want to do in private using chat rooms somewhere else is up to them–but let's not be doing graphic sex acts in game

  • This includes giving birth and any other crap like that. If you do it you'll be banned, by me, personally and I'll enjoy doing it.

    Do NOT RP this kind of stuff. Ever.

  • looks at Caek's avatar

    See what happens when bad RPing gives birth? ur bant.

  • Bumping this as well.

    This server has no place for "Adult" roleplay.

    I personally especially agree with Caeks policy above, vehemently.

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