Merry Winter!

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    **Merry Winter, Summer, and whatever else celebration you're doing!

    Lots of Love,

  • Thats a nice cat. I like that cat. And happy whateveryoucelebrate time!



  • Ded, we're still waiting for proof of your eighteen thousand million Christmas trees. Pony up.

  • Its up to fifty, I think–--
    Most of them in all honesty are smaller than the cat in Puffys Photo 🙂

    Ill se what I can do, but Im no good at posting photos... Im such a anti geek.

  • I would like to wish you all a wonderful Hanukkah and a splendid Yule. I hope you all have a happy, love filled holiday season.

  • Black Panther exploit familiar Puffy? Tsk tsk.

  • A festivus for the rest of us.

  • merry xmas everyone.

  • A little ditty I wrote when I was working in retail….
    please pardon the sarcasm, it was written during a time in my life that my favorite Christmas quote was from Dickens
    "If I could work my will every fool who went about with Merry Christmas on his lips would be cooked in his own goose and buried with a stake of holly through his heart." Ebeneezer Scrooge

    I'm better now 🙂

    Christmas in the malls

    hey it's Christmas at the malls again
    it must be late September
    it's Christmas at the malls again
    the kind we all remember
    the children are all being good
    at least as good as they think they should
    it's Christmas in the malls again

    yes it's Christmas in the malls again Halloween is barely done
    it's Christmas in the malls again and shopping's so much fun
    The slippers are on sale for dad, That Pleather pair will make him glad
    its Christmas in the malls again

    wow it's Christmas in the malls again what happened to thanksgiving?
    its Christmas in the malls again time to buy the gifts for giving
    your credit cards are all maxed out let's all give a happy shout
    it's Christmas in the malls again.

    so its Christmas in the malls again
    this year lets all remember
    that Christmas in the mall my friends
    in the cold depths of December
    is not the place we should hold dear
    but home and hearth we should keep near
    it's Christmas in the malls again

    NOW my favorite quote is back to


    Followed by "it must be beutiful in Vermont this time of year, all that snow!"

  • entertaining movie about the true spirit of Christmas,
    'What would jesus buy'
    basically a choir spoofs a christian group that shines a light on the evils of runaway consumerism and capitalism.
    It is a yearly affair now with a social activism group I am involved with to watch this around xmas time.

    The main sort of preacher guy was also briefly in the occupy movie or something because they were trying to support some of that.

    The movie is partly them getting invited to, or crashing certain events, doing their parody preaching and singing, and sometimes getting kicked out of malls, etc ;P

    I like what dedagin says in his song… remember that the true spirit of xmas is spending time with loved ones.

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