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  • For those of you in software development/design, you'll more than likely already know what this is.
    For those who aren't, here's essentially how it works:

    You file a ticket, which amounts to a suggestion/bug/issue. This can then be discussed, per the usual means of posting a supplementary comment.

    More importantly, it can then be flagged, prioritized, closed, opened, assigned and generally organized and tracked with greater ease by the team, than one is able to do with a regular forum post and a hand curated list of bugs/suggestions (which Matriarch is presently administering, bless her soul).

    The issue tracker also allows us to collate all exploits & security issues in one place.

    In order to do this, every ticket within the appropriate tracker has an option that allows the reporter of said exploit/bug to mark it as a security issue. This will hide the exploit to all but the reporter and the DM team.

    This also means that we can set up a specific tracker (in fact, we already have) that will allow every player to have their own private little plot thread, which only they (and the DM team) are able to see and edit/comment upon.

    To wit, we will soon be closing (but not yet archiving, so that you can copy any extant issues over) the bugs/suggestions/server issues/exploits & player plots forums, in favor of the issue tracker:

    CoA Issue Tracker

    So please, familiarize yourselves with its use.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Furthermore, if you do intend to keep your individual plots private, I'll just re-post Zool's little reminder:

    > If you do not mark your post as a security ticket, everyone and their dog will be able to read this (if their dog has been trained to read, and use a computer)

  • Some additional clarification:

    Only one plot ticket per character please.

    It's not particularly useful to us to have disparate information about a single character scattered across separate, multiple tickets.
    Which defeats the entire purpose of providing a unified place to keep us abreast of your character's progression.

    Simply add a comment/edit with any additional information to the character plot ticket in question.

  • Admin [DM]

    Please note that to be able to use the issue tracker you must use a standard forum theme.

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