Seriously- you will be caught.

  • There's no way around getting caught doing this. None at all. Pay really close attention to Agrafes' quote at the bottom there- it's true.

    Item Transfer


    Item Transfers, you know, those things we preach on and on about all the time. Wouldn't you find that important? You should, because it is. DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY FORM OF ITEM TRANSFER BETWEEN YOUR OWN CHARACTERS.

    This includes using a medium, such as another person, or for those of extra lack of wit, using the ground.


    It's simple, folks, just don't do it, and you'll be fine. You have no reason what-so-ever to try to transfer items, so please don't.


    Reminder Re Item Transferring/Remakes

    If a DM okays this, the DM will see to it being performed.

    Any player asking you to assist in such a task and saying a DM said it was alright, is lying, and should be reported to the DMs immediately.


    Orwell's "Big Brother" is a little boy compared to the stuff we log on CoA.

    Item transfer is a bannable offense. It doesn't matter if you transfer a healing kit or a Fullplate +2. At the very least, it will result in deletion of all your characters. It's not worth it, so don't do it.

  • Bumping this. Had to talk to people about this recently

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