Seven Days

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    The DM Team proudly announces that after the 27th of December, there will be a wipe of all player accounts, moving Arabel into the future with new areas, new npcs and amazing new functions. Some of these great features include heavy support of player factions via NPC Sponsoring, area bases claimable and protected by players with fun new scripts and puzzles. Along with fantastic new NPCs, areas, quests, the team has also prepared new major plot lines and much more!

    During the transition from old to new, the server shall be down for hopefully no more than 24 hours to piece together the last bits of the new server. This shall take some time, especially as Arabel has been -fully- refaced both inside and out! It is with much pleasure and many weeks of hard work, both by DMs and of course the wonderful playerbase that we announce this amazing change! We sincerely hope that you are all as excited about the changes as we are, however with a few days left, there is still much in Arabel to do currently. Our best advice to everyone is to, if you can, to attend the finale event on the 27th and make sure to save any loved characters to your local vault cause when they are gone they are gone.

    Thank you for playing at City of Arabel,
    Much Love,
    The DM Team

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  • As someone who has recently gone from being a player to being a DM, I can tell you that it is astonishing how they locked Zool and Puffy up in the basement and forced them to build the server pretty well from scratch in exchange for food and water. Breaches of the Geneva Convention aside, it really is amazing- and does a lot to address the kind of gripes players have had in the past regarding limitations on what players can do without a DM.

    And that is before we even get to how badass the setting has become. Watch this space. You may well learn more about what awaits in CoA's next incarnation through IG events though - if not shape it yourself in these final days!

  • Lizard touched on it, but this last week is a time you can add to elements of the new world, we are entirely open to player achieved elements being in place at the start after the wipe.

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