Frequent Reminders (IMPORTANT READ)

  • @Zool:

    I would like to add to this that, calling players 'bad roleplayers' or saying they are not 'doing it right' in reference to their concept, race, gender, religion, class, etc etc etc, is just plain rude, and isn't acceptable behaviour. Certainly don't send them tells saying they are 'crap' and definately dont send tells to other people telling them how 'crap at being an X' someone is. Same with IRC. I'm not kidding, I will ban people for this.




    Lately we've had a batch of complaints about players being rude OOC to others. I don't care if someone metagamed to hell and back in order to grief you, loot you and steal your significant other. If you insult a player you will be banned. If other player insults you and you respond with more insults, you will both be banned. If you can't remain civil OOC, you don't belong in CoA.


    If you have a complaint that cannot be resolved with the players in question, you bring it to the DMs and no one else. You do not bring it up in IRC, forums, send abusive tells to the player you have a disagreement with, or anything of the sort. Once again, if you are found to have been abusive, no matter how grievous your disagreement with the player, you will be banned.


    Let me try once again.

    It doesn't matter if another player is sending you pictures of him eating babies alive, doing your sister or reading Cosmopolitan. You don't deal with it yourself, you talk to a DM so that he or she deals with it. Insulting or harassing other players OOC for ANY reason is a bannable offense, and we will ban you before we deal with the original alleged offender.

    I find appalling that some players consider reporting an issue to a DM to be immature (as if reporting a crime to the police was the same as tattletelling in recess) but have no qualms to engage in insults over tells.

    Grow up, for god's sake.


    And to make this crystal clear: It does not matter how or where you harass another player.

  • Admin [DM]


    Remember the Item Transfering policy. We will find out and we will ban you.


  • Admin [DM]

    Reminder: IF it's too good to be true, you probably shouldnt do it.
    This includes visiting the Midwinter tree more than once. Dont make me be a Scrooge and take it out before it's time.

    Edit: If you did this "by accident" I expect you to trash any item(s) you received after your first visit.

  • Hi guys. While I'm very grateful that we've made the move to Discord and have a much more robust platform for talking with one another out of the game, it seems that we've started adopting some of the shittier norms in gaming culture that comes with it. Specifically, referencing the above about courtesy:

    • Insulting or harassing other players OOC for ANY reason is a bannable offense, and we will ban you before we deal with the original alleged offender.

    Heavy-handed though it may be, I'm getting a little upset at how people are treating each other lately. Here are some things you should avoid:

    • Gender/Racial Slurs
    • Transphobic Statements
    • Homophobic Statements
    • Belittling Statements about Skill or RP Style
    • General dickery that would violate Zool's Rule

    I will start delivering bans for these. There's no wiggle room in these rules either - don't commit these kinds of abuses. Furthermore, Dungeon Masters and Moderators on Discord are not above these rules. We should adhere to these same policies as well, and if you see anyone breaking these very important rules, send a Chat here on the forums to the whole team for visibility.

    Thank you. Now, start being excellent to each other.