NWN 2 scripts compatibile with NWN1

  • So I have a question for scripting experts here; Is there any possibility that a script originally designed for NWN 2 could be modified to work with NWN1?

  • Yes. You can change them to make it compatible.

  • Thats good to know. Perhaps there are some cool NWN2 scripts out there we can use for CoA

  • Another question here regarding this subject; does anyone know if its possible to take a NWN2 tileset and convert it to be useable for NWN1? Would be pretty damn cool

  • It would be more effort than it would be worth. There would be massive resolution issues including poly counts, nevermind textures, add to that the fact that NWN 2 likely has more vertical possibilities than NWN 1 (more 3d than 2.5D, probably, not entirely sure) and you have one hell of a task ahead of you.

    The answer is yes, essentially, but boy… I would not want to take on that project.

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