Application Process

  • An application is required for any special favor that includes, but is not limited to: Official DM Factions, Prestige Classes, most Sub-races, Special Characters (Noble, Special Background, Membership in Canon Organizations, Special Perks, etc). If you're not certain if something requires an application, contact a DM!

    Applications must follow the template below:

    The application is as follows, and all questions should be answered completely but briefly, and especially in the case of OOC information such as account names truthfully:

    ## **Topic Title: Account name you will use for this character/Character name/what you are applying for** 
    ### **1\. Race/Class/Alignment/Level/Name of the Character you're applying with** 
    ### **2\. What you are applying for (PrC/Faction/Subrace/Background/Item) etc**
    ### **3\. All your previous account name(s) and last characters played**
    ### **4\. Brief background of the character**
    ### **5\. General outline of goals, plans, storylines to pursue.**
    * Tell us about the stories your character will pursue, the practical steps you will take while telling it and how it will involve other characters, and or create conflict? *
    ### **6\.**
    #### **Strengths:** 
    #### **Weaknesses:**
    #### **Subrace Applicants:**
    If you are wishing to play a subrace or monster race, you will need to include within your application a paragraph explaining how you intend to portray or interpret that subrace with your character. This will show the DM team that you have considered what it means to play a subrace rather than merely playing a Human with +2 DEX.
    #### **Lycanthrope applicants:**
    Unless you already mentioned it in one of the above points, tell us here what makes your character shift to were-form.

    Please try to keep these brief enough that we can sort through them and pass them along, 250 words or less. Feel free to add a lengthier background SEPARATELY, but we'll make our decision based on those 8 points, and if they are too long to read we won't bother (yes, we're lazy)

    Simply navigate to the Applications section and click on New Topic to Submit your Application.

    Fill out the form, putting the following as the title:

    Gamespy Account / Character Name / What you're applying for.

    Make the post a poll by putting in the poll question. (Just put Yes, or No) and click the button to add the option Yes, and an option No.

    Then click submit. You will receive a message saying "The topic or post you requested does not exist", but your application has been correctly posted.

    WARNING: Once submitted you cannot change the application or view it. If you have any questions, ask a DM!

  • Admin [DM]

    Application Sample


    1. Half-Elf/Cleric/Neutral Good/3/Jack Smith

    2. Faction: Wyrmguard

    3. Account name/forum name/past characters: CoAPC/coapc/Doris Jonsson and Drodo Beggins

    4. Jack grew up in the Arabellan slums, and in his youth grew passionate about helping the community after becoming enamoured with Mother Caria Arna after listening to her impassioned preaching at the Temple of Ilmater. When the slums were burned down during the Knights of the Red Harts' siege, Jack lost his family and friends to the fire. Broken-hearted and with a fervent desire to ensure that the law can prevent such atrocities from happening ever again, Jack now aspires to influence Arabel and its Wyrmguards to become more than a force for order but also one of good as well.

    End the Bloodstone Trade
    A) Spread awareness of how evil bloodstones are and the suffering that is sown in their use. In order to do so he will seek aid from other factions by persuading like-minded adventurers and members to provide support in his campaign.

    😎 Nurture close relations with House Maleen in particular to enlist their help in the search for ancient healing artefacts, rumoured to have been left behind in the Elven ruins located within the Vast Swamps, that may prove capable of freeing the souls trapped inside bloodstones.

    Change the laws to embody Ilmater's dogma
    While Tyr's justice and Torm's zeal are necessary for good to prosper, Jack believes that even more can be accomplished if Ilmater's mercy is emphasized instead. A firm adherent of the saying "hate the sin, not the sinner," he will push for sweeping changes within the law that decreases corporeal punishment and increases spiritual guidance to criminals. While he will not seek to abolish execution as a whole, he believes that for the most part people deserve a second chance. To prove his point Jack will focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment when it comes to dealing with the seedy members of the criminal underworld.

    He will try to establish a division within the Wyrmguard lead by himself that is comprised entirely of criminals who wish to turn over a new leaf. Former thieves and thugs will be trained to put their skills to use in preserving the law rather than subverting it as a form of redemption through service. Standing out not only as a kindly priest of Ilmater but also as new blood within the Wyrmguard, Jack hopes to mould Arabel towards a better and safer tomorrow.

    Strengths: Kind, perceptive, brave, and a skilled orator.

    Weaknesses: Intense phobia of fire, a bit naive, clumsy, and pushy.

  • There was confusion about what happens after you submit your application, so here is the process explained.

    1). Your application moves to a private forum only DMs have access to within 24 hours. Meaning, you won't get a decision any faster than that!
    2). The entire DM team is free to comment on the application and make a Yes or No vote. Any No vote must come with an explanation of why you are voting No.
    3). Majority rules once the preponderance of active DMs have weighed in (usually this means after ~5 votes were cast).

    What happens after voting and discussion? Which typically can take us 3-7 days.

    A). If the clear Majority is Yes (say 4:1 Yes) the application is in Confirmation - we give people 24 hours to weigh in just in case there were more thoughts of any No votes want to make a more clear/stronger case.
    B). If the clear Majority is No the application is Denied, typically the player can ask what the cause of the No votes were and is welcome (even encouraged often) to try to address those concerns.
    C). If there is not a clear Majority (3:2 in either direction) the DM team often will try to think through a compromise solution, ie (Player applied to be a noble, some DMs were in approval and some were not, we may offer to let the player be a squire or second son out adventuring where if they follow their application and involve other players in their fun, something will happen that will allow them to gain noble status (knighted after an adventure or elder brother dies leaving the title to the second son etc).

    No DM has a veto over applications, it is a democratic process.

    Here is what we ask the players to do to help with the process after you submit an application.

    I). Wait a few days to ask about it, IRC or a forum PM to any DM who helped you draft the application is best (but any DM is happy to help).
    II). If a DM raises concerns, listen to them, we often as a group know what will and will not be approved since we look at and talk over many applications.
    III). If an application is denied, please ask and try to understand why, then make whatever adjustments to your playstyle or application the DM team thought was appropriate–communicate with us and we'll try to help out.

  • Please try to keep these brief enough that we can sort through them and pass them along, 250 words or less. Feel free to add a lengthier background SEPARATELY, but we'll make our decision based on those 8 points, and if they are too long to read we won't bother (yes, we're lazy)

    We've had some stunningly lengthy apps lately. Often with a lot of information that is not necessary. 250 words might be a bit tight but it should be very possible to give a brief background and list 2-3 IG pursuits you intend to do with the character without exceeding 500 words.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Players are reminded that an app that has more than 250 words might be rejected on the premise that some dms are busy and would rather run kickass plots in game than read your 2000 word application that resembles a ten page college essay. Such apps might be sent back to the player.

  • Just to clarify, none of us are really counting words. The key is to get your vision across in a way that is easily understood. When an app gets on a ramble, even if the story may be excellent and lauded by dms that actually enjoyed the long read, other's are going to see it and not read it at all. When that happens, the app process slows down greatly, since there is a minimum number of votes needed to get approved.

    So, really, when you are doing your final edit before submitting, you should be checking to see if certain details are actually important for the dms to know, or are just something that you will develop as your story progresses in game.

    The Big things we look for in apps are "Do the benefits asked for in the app translate into benefit for the server," "does the story make sense," and "will the player actually have fun with the concept in practice once it hits the game world." If you focus on convincing us of those things, your app will get through almost always without fail.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Players are reminded that applications should follow a clear, readable format.

    Applications should not be a chore to read. Please use spell check and have someone proofread your application before submitting it. It is a basic courtesy to the DM team that you do not misuse their, there, and they're, or other such common mistakes. If English isn't your first language, please have another player help you.

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