Request for Rare loot

  • I'd like someone who enjoys crafting antique, rare and strange loot to get in touch with some examples.

    I'm looking for History, fun, uniqueness, rarely used spell effects or bonuses. I'm looking for about 20 pieces. There needs to be no connection between the pieces, except that they should be items a collector would gather, or found in an antiquities shop. Some pieces might not even have much if any magic, just interesting. I'm not looking for awesome power. No +3 AC armour or Vorpal Blades of Awesomeness.

    Send me a PM

  • Ancient Symbol of Fertility
    This ancient symbol of fertility seems basic in design, and may well pre-date the most early human empires, though it is human in design. This ancient symbol seems to give a passive blessing of beauty to the holder, though the origin of this power is yet unknown - and likely nobody knows where this filthy antique has been. [+3 Persuade, +3 Bluff, +1 Charisma, -5 Saving Throws vs. Disease]

    Model: Miscellaneous (Statue or something mildly phallic in design perhaps?)

    This really is the kind of think I'm after!

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