New DM Plot Faction

  • I am looking to establish a DM Plot Faction over the next week which will play a role in a forthcoming initiative I will be sponsoring with my available game time. I appreciate that sentence is entirely vague, but the nature of this Plot Faction is secretive so I don’t want to leak spoilers before they even go live.

    What I can tell you is the Plot Faction will not benefit from a personal DM, and will largely be given the impetus to work independently and achieve whatever goals they may have on their own merits without the support of say established DM Factions. It will have a few perks, it will be high on conflict, especially PvP, and will require a certain level of maturity to play for that reason alone. New characters will be required, so unfortunately you can’t mesh existing or prior creations to fit.

    If that hazy sell is enough to hook your interest PM me for more details and we shall see if we can’t sort something out before the weekend. I’m aiming for about half a dozen people to make this work effectively, but should the concept not draw the necessary interest I shall say in advance it will be dropped.

  • I wish I was a still a player…. So good.

  • Thanks very much for the keen interest, I believe I have enough people involved now for the start-up group.

    Based on their success I may well open it up for more applicants at a later date, but for now I'll be closing the recruitment phase. Apologies for those that lodged their interest late last night, there were quite a number of interested parties.

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