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  • So, this was done a LOOONG time ago by a great player, and was just over all a fun idea, and I thought "Hey, why not bring it back!" because it was enjoyable, and got people to play with the toolset when they may otherwise feared doing so before.

    So, I propose to bring it back!

    The "rules" are simple, make an area, between 1x1 and 4x4 (including any amount in between) of your character's "room"

    The room should represent your character's tastes and so forth, as if they had their own home and were decorating. This can include trophies, cool little placeables, really anything that fits your character's personality and style.

    Then, after you've built it, take THREE (3) to FIVE (5) Screenshots that best capture the room, and share them here. (The SS limit is to prevent clutter)

    Have fun with it! And this can be for any of your characters, new or old!

  • the one that Abby made for Fyananamoac in game…

  • i want one…...

  • Sorry it took me so long. It was more laziness than anything else. Here is what I did for my next-to-last character, the werespider assassin Luciano Mortecello.

    To begin with, a bird's eye (or spider's eye?) view of his room and all it contains. The idea here is that the room is in a cavern accessible beneath the King's Cauldron, which he previously owned.

    Next, we have him entering his home from the tunnel next to his "pantry." Note the many footprints.

    Now we move to the bedroom area and his night-stand. He was known for collecting many little knick-knacks.

    Finally, a faceless altar in the back corner where he goes to worship the Lord of Shadows.

    The above area is the Drow Interior tileset modified by NWNCQ. All of this is within a 1x1 tile.

  • Awesome looking room, Neo.

    I'd love to see more from other people!

  • Working on Amar's room. I'll post it when I figure out what in the Ten Layers I'm doing in this blasted toolset.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    All about the treasure, Phazeric is!

  • I see why he left his wife behind

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Harrusk's room for five thousand years before being released by the Mage's Guild…. for those who get cut off by the silly forums

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