The New AI and You

  • Hello everyone!

    By now, in some way, shape or form, you have encountered the new AI System. Hopefully it has enriched your gaming experience, providing new challenges and more thought-provoking combat scenarios. Our goal with this system is to do just that! However, we understand that, as with any major change, there will be various tweaks required. This is where you all come in!

    Please make any and all reports of unbalanced or odd behaviors in this thread so that we may tweak and adjust the creatures in question and create a proper balance to the game.

    In addition to this, we ask everyone's continued patience and understanding as we fix these issues. There is still some work to be done, but, when everything is complete, we will have a much richer gaming experience for it!

    Thank you,

    -The DM Team

  • Fixed post link. Should work now!

  • The AI just got a major change, targeting the most commonly reported balance issues, such as (but not only) mages being relentlessly attacked. You will have to think about combat more even so, but things are vastly less unbalanced for 'squishies' now.

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