Arabel's Most Influential

  • Right Arabel, give me a list of some characters that were the most influential to Arabel as a City. Who shaped Arabel, or maybe saved Arabel so much that its people would remember them?

    They can be dead or alive. They can be from any version of the server.

    Who would Arabel remember in years to come?

  • Eliphas All the way. Don't know about saving Arabel but dang a long remembrance.

  • Eldaris Shadusk, always on the frontlines when there were big threats to the city. My call definitely.

  • Eliphas
    Lazerus Jones/Elrilia Le'tendel/Donal/Casey/Fen/Daxton- Heroes were not out in force unless they were there.
    Javier Lizardclaw
    Sir Richard Stalner
    Lionar Leonson
    Issak Rabernt
    all of the slime cult- Just not in a good way
    Every Red Hart knight before Caek, LaF, and My run Especially Geek's and Sir Morler
    Rav, always a whisper in the background

  • Harold Millener and the rest of the Cassiel assassination crew.
    He ran the PD's single handedly until their fall and fought much for the good and the city. Also killed the greatest bastard in CoA history (Cassiel).

    Robbes Mallarme really lifted the Mages guild and their position in the west, as well as the status of the Wyverns from laughing stock to a force to be reckoned with.

    Sir Emoknight and Lady Sian
    Ran the courts for the Queen and fought against the Zhentarim influence in the city pretty much on their own. Sort of came out on top in the end.

    Taking over Easthaven and fucking everyone over. Several times. And then overthrowing the old queen.

    Lord Kalindor
    For sullying the good name of Torm by his repeated misdeeds and evil acts while still claiming to be legit. Not a single tormite has shown his face in town after.

    The beast who ran Kilgrave for a good while, took in the Shadovar and became their symbol, was the #1 champion of lyss and feared by.. pretty much everyone. Scared a lot of people shitless during the death of Tymora thing with his return.

    Anyway.. those are the people I remember.

  • Kreswell's certainly up there. Miyara Shadowmoon has always been a personal favorite of mine, too.

  • Karina Darkhaven - Founded the House of Death, which went on to be a staple in the community of Arabel for many years after the character even died.

    Karl "Stoneguard" Bluebeard - Founded the Iron Anvil, which was a real force on the server for at least a year and would be remembered as a pillar of the Dwarven community in Arabel.

    Trystan E' Leluath - Founded Trystan's Trade which had a huge role to play on Arabel for a good many months, more so than many people realise given his covert entanglements.

  • The Thuer Evararae

  • (v2's not in continuity, but I can whip up that one too if needed)

    Karina Darkhaven (House of Death founder)
    Natassia Bresk (Melanie too, but Nat was more the face of things). (Shoudl be obvious)
    Temon Oak (Should be obvious)
    Samarin Nar'falon (spelling may be off a bit) (I beleive the first PC WW. Previously a well known Thondite, and one of the Bresk heroes to boot)
    Raice Bannon (Semi-obvious)
    Dame Dove Silverhand(?) (The main KotMS of early v3)
    Albert Steiner(PD commander dude)
    Oliver Baba (The other half of the prominent PD team)
    Pyatt Pree (& Brutus) (Should be obvious. Though tons of people overlook poor Brutus)
    Ky'ran Lordaron (Champion of Torm ,ever leading the charge on evil)
    Kenneth Jacerryl (The paladin that took Pree down)
    Galandrias Shadowalker (Council of the Seldarine/Harper bigwig)
    La'oric T'laeren (Other Council of the Seladrine/Harper dude. Arcane Archer)
    Durdyn Arrick (Crazy bastard. Talassan Figurehead. Outlaw Slayer of PDs. First PC to get an NPC bounty IIRC)
    Nelson Alastyr (Sharran, prominent server menace for a long time. Big with Banda (v3)
    Anen Meiwalle (See Nelson, another team)
    Constar De'vir (Bhaliir MAge. Famed for beating people to death with mutton legs)
    Nessa & Haliah Swift (Erux Greyhand was an NPC, but would go here as the third member of the Druid trifecta)
    Eldaris Shadusk (The War Wizard)
    Karl Stoneguard (Iron Anvil Founder/Leader. Dwarven Defender)
    Thagen Moondow (Council of the Seldarine leader in post-massacre times. Second wave Bresk Hero)
    Kieron Shadwell (University Dean, Founding Captain of the Green Dragons. Harper. Clar Bandas Champion. Clar Bandas seal-awayer person.)
    Magister Blake (Previous University Dean)
    Kyra Desyr (Deschurran. Founded the Green Dragons)
    Seoric Salt (prominent evil druid/outlaw guy)
    Lord Magus Chavhan Vorn (THayan. Almost became the first PC KHazark, but got turned into a momument to hubris for the Enclave courtyard instead)
    Neil Bryant (Go-to PD guy in the post Oliver era)
    Celdur Dy'ness(?????) - Elven scout. Worked with the second council of the Seldarine and others to co-ordinate stuff. Second wave Bresk hero.
    Darius Blake - Miltia-man for life. Like literally, one of the only people not to go PD.
    Miyara Shadowmoon - LOngstanding good guy. Halflign community leader. Harper.
    Riautu Er'kust - Half-dragon. Blackguard. Maker of Dracoliches that kept getting killed off just before.
    Trystan E'luath -Merchant master. Ran most of the good guys operations for half the shadovar intrigue. Also a Harper.
    Lilyis Wellington - Runner-up to Eldaris War Wizard, not quite as schemey.
    The Multitude - Druid bug hive things.
    Gurmbach Fernstrider & Eliphas - Largely runnign the Druids since the previous ones left. Both aroudn for ages and heroes of the Shadovar intrigue.
    Carse Farrien - WAR wizard.
    Anichka Winterbourne. - Aruril Tiefling. Died in Firestorm.
    Sir Richard Stallner - KotMS. Ex-KotMS fallen paladin. Redeemed Paladin. City Judge.
    Frado Tillpocket - Halfling newspaper reporter. Harper.
    Mouser - Rogue/Schemer/Shadovar agent or something.
    The name escapes me, but Combs War Wizard that blew up Tilverton.

    Then i bugged out for 2 years or so and people here seem to have a decent grasp on post-civil war.

  • Karl "Stoneguard" Bluebeard, certainly.

  • Karl was one of the first characters I encountered when I started CoA and I still shiver at his aura of authority.

    Also Koririn had that chosen of Tymora (don't remember name) who caused a massive movements and led groups of complete strangers into riots. Very much influence for a character that lasted only for a week or two.

    Anichka Winterbourne comes to mind because she managed to convert loads of different kinds of characters, all willing to die for her.

  • Blackrose got most of the prominent PCs of v3 list but I'll add a few though truth be told there were so many.

    Anyndil Meynn - Probably one of the most famous bards on CoA. Early v3 character

    Ethan Winterbourne - One of the first knights of v3, all around badass

    Zyl D'Enitor - Die hard Militia dude like Blake. Was one of the few who ever reached commander

    Alisan Lightstaff - Founder of the University of Magic

  • Dale


    Gino Cain


  • Dond

  • Nah, save that honor for a character who truely deserves it

  • Thanks for the feedback, very useful.

  • Hahahaha, I'm surprised I made someone's list!

  • So am I.


  • No one in recent history deserves to be on this list more than Sarasha Norieth. In her time here, she had her hands in every faction in one way or another… she shaped Adam's development as a character. He would have been much different without Sarasha's influence.

  • Gregorious Fallow
    Araevin Alenuath
    Dalmara Thorzak
    Kathrine Stoneriver
    Octavius Foehammer
    Novo Mundus
    Thrar Amakiir
    Vorn Xarran
    Sian Parkin
    Theodore De'Vaul
    Isaac Rabrent
    Helmar Bloodchurn
    Harold Milenner
    Katelyn Obarstal
    Marin Lightsord
    Vulno Rul
    Ruby Sandneedle
    Jamendithas Foechuckle
    Sophia Silverscale
    Evander Pendragon
    Sarasha Norieth

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