Template AC Bonus

  • Call me greedy, but does it not make more sense for the AC bonus granted by certain templates to be a dodge bonus? My character's template, for instance, gains no AC benefit from the Shield spell. While its great to be under the effects of the AC bonus all day every day; its meant to be a natural bonus, isn't it?

  • At least for certain template it is not. I at first thought also that it would have been natural.
    Once I bought handful of Shield of Faith potions, only to see they do nothing for me in any case.

  • I guess it depends on the race/class. A dragon who gets natural AC from the thickness of his scales would make sense not to get AC bonuses from armor and the such. Maybe that's what's going on?

  • That isn't the case here. We're talking about deflection AC.

  • Creature hides in Neverwinter nights always give Deflection AC is teh problem, and not especially fixable.

    Though Armor amulets and barkskin will work on you in compensation.

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