Oaths and Prayers of the House of the Morning

  • House of the Morning

    I was inspired this fair Dawn to make a prayer to holy Lathander, and I feel that, since it felt as though it came through me and not from me, it will not be self-aggrandizement to reproduce that prayer here, in writing, for the edification of those who may join our fold after me.

    I likewise encourage my fellows of the House to write prayers, oaths, and the like, in kind, that we may learn new perspectives from one another on the glory of our Morninglord.

    -Dawnsquire Lautrec

    [There is a small gap, and then a transcribed prayer, in handwriting more careful but otherwise identical. Ample space is left below that.]

    A humble prayer for the promise ever kept

    Highest praise be unto You, O Bringer of the Dawn, for how Your Light shines upon this town and all its denizens.

    I pray to You that I may be found worthy of the honor of bearing that Light in Your holy name;

    that I may bring that Light and compassion to shine where there is darkness and despair;

    that I may, in Your name and to uplift Your most sacred wishes, be capable of helping to right the wrongs what beset us and to see cured the taints of the land;

    that those in our fold who have been harmed by wicked forces may yet live to see myriad sacred sunrises, and be made whole again.

    "In the Dawn, beauty reigns, and the way is clearer." May the promise of that Dawn ever be fulfilled. All this I pray, in the name of the Morninglord.

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