Peer Review: Naresh the Blooddragon

  • Members of the Council,
    It is apparent that Naresh has no regards for the law, order and justice this council is to represent. Whether he seeks to make good on his promises of death to other members of the council is mute. That he makes such idle threats in public, with no basis behind his accusations, is to me evidence enough.
    I propose that Naresh be stripped from this council, so another representative, more qualified and less savage can be chosen by the Precept Arcanum.

    Adrienne Hawthorn
    Wild Walkers

  • Though I opposed the last push against Naresh, i second this motion.

    He does not deny his threats and is unrepentant of them. And he is at this point practically an extension of Levi in council matters.

    While I hate to see the council numbers dwindle, we cannot let such a thing stand.

    • Ezri

  • Twelve Peers

    If you want someone removed from this Council, who holds a seat on this Council by way of their membership with one group or another, at least have the decency to suggest who among their number may be better suited.

    Nethki and Shadow are the two I know of the most, and Shadow rather likes living up to his name.

    If you want order and justice, and to show that no one man is above it, then why resort to removing a member of the Council rather than charging them with the crimes they have committed. Unless you're trying to say they are abusing their position on this Council.

    -Councilor Grurec, son of Torunden

  • Naresh also threatened me with violence last week when I told the Precept they would be searched over the theft of the head piece by Nethki, Telling me I would regret it if I searched them and found nothing.

    This became a moot point as Bron attacked me during the searches.

    Now I am prepared to give Naresh the benefit of the doubt that at the time he thought I was pursuing a vendetta as it was soon after the theft so he may not have known Nethki stole it.

    However it does highlight he is quick to threaten harm on anything that challenges the Precept even when they are in the wrong


  • @Merne23 said in Peer Review: Naresh the Blooddragon:

    It is hubris for me to select who should represent the Precept Arcanum. I can and will only have an opinion on the actions in and to the council, of the ones they choose. If they have no members who can pass even the most meager of qualifications (respect the laws of the land, serve the realm, by working with the rest of the council, are the only three criteria I have), then perhaps they should either lose the rights to their Seat, or it must remain vacant until they find one worthy.

    The Wild Walkers serve under the same rules. Select one worthy of the council, or do not have a council Member. We see this Seat as a duty and a honor, not as a right.


  • Precept Arcanum

    I doubt anything I say will impact matters, so I shall let my actions of a councilor speak for me. Jadzia, Guerec have both seen my work to remove threats from the city from the capture of the mad Malarite Sergivitch, the delving of the Tower, the hunting and slaying of the Hydra. I have never turned from my duties regardless of the danger.

    When the Scarlets attacked Jadzia, I walked through fire for her safety. When the Scarlets attacked Eveningstar with an army of the damned, I stood ready. When time was fleeting, I offered to hold the line against an abomination to give the rest time they needed to end the threat.

    If your complaint with me is that I do not speak softly enough or roll over when I am accosted in public, you are correct that I do not allow the non-citizens of this city suffer degradation without a warrant.

    Because that is my job as a member of the Precept Arcanum, as for my relations with Levi, we butt heads constantly however I respect the man enough to discuss these matters at the faceless over ale than in a government file.

    So do as you wish, it will not change my duties to the city nor will it stop me from performing them.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • Naresh

    My complaint is that you constantly claim the Greywatch have no authority, I informed you that an item had been stolen of me and Nethki was the main suspect but may have handed it off so I would search the Precept and you threatened me.

    Yesterday you admitted the Precept did have the stolen item.

    However I am willing to let this matter drop if the Precept return it to the Greywatch and co-operate to see this infernal threat ended


  • Precept Arcanum

    Because the Greywatch does not have official authority, you are a vigilante group. You can attempt to act upon me, but if you don't have the backing of the palace. I can deny you, much like I cannot act on criminals without a warrant. You can investigate, you can question, but you cannot make demands same as I.

    We made no admittance to stealing anything, you asked if we could help you find the pieces and deal with Lawrence I said I did not trust you, but I'd consider it. I see I was right in not trusting you, as you are again demanding something of me that I do not have with threat of force. You were given the option to search myself and Gura and you retreated. You put a bounty on members of the Precept, and were challenged to a duel. You than put out a threat to Shadow.

    Why should I trust you, when you constantly threaten, and bounty the people of the Precept Arcanum pardon dangerous criminals and had a member of your own order join said criminals. The Precept had to fight the Scarlet's off from their first attack on the Dawnlord because your men failed to act. You have openly threatened to kill me in these very files, for wishing to capture the Stray sorcerer Boom.

    And you've complaints of my unwillingness to work with you?

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • @Crimson_King said in Peer Review: Naresh the Blooddragon:

    much like I cannot act on criminals without a warrant.

    You literally threatened to Torture and Murder Adri because you think she's a criminal.

    If you don't trust Bryce because of that, Why in all the Hells should we trust you by the same merits?

    • Ezri

  • Precept Arcanum

    Because the threat was to the black Dragon, prior to knowledge gleamed from Bron. So unless Adrienne is bothered by threats to wanted criminals, the only one that was directed to her personally was that I'd see her investigated. So you may rest assured that no harm shall befall them till this case is finalized.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • I didn't bounty Nethki or Gura, I put a warrant on them for a crime reported, And they were wanted alive. A crime that you admitted they commited which was the attack on Mikul in the mining tunnels

    I didn't retreat from searching you, I was attacked by Bron.

    I am not threatening you with force, I am saying I will not vote to remove you from the council if the item that was stolen by a member of the Precept is returned to me, Which is a very reasonable request.


  • Black Clover Society


    A member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.


    A stupid person.


  • Before this file derails any further, I shall summarize, and request formal backing or disapproval of the desire to see Naresh removed from the council, so another may be chosen by the Precepts to represent them. I request such from all council members.

    The accusations are:

    • Death threats against a fellow council member
    • Disregard for the laws and concepts of justice and honor
    • Participation of the secrecy and activities surrounding the infernal staff, sought by Levi Drago and the Black Clovers
    • Lack of cooperation with the Council on vital matters

    While his actions, outside of promising to kill a fellow council member, may not be proven illegal, the actions of late carried out by Naresh, proves he is unfit to sit on this council any longer.

    Adrienne Hawthorn

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  • I will back this, Whilst I am willing to accept the threats were made against the Black Dragon the other accusations are valid

    So far he has refused to offer any remedy for the actions of Nethki in stealing from a councillor and member of the Greywatch and is refusing to co-operate in dealing with this infernal threat


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