File: Jafur of the Stonelands

  • Had a run in with the wanted Bandit Jafur Arifath of the Rogue Legionnaires.
    He set an Ambush in the Gnoll Pass, 30 or so strong, which I fought through alongside the Sellsword Bron.

    Jafur himself waited just past the Moonsea Rise Border, and after a short conversation we crossed weapons. Bron, and then myself, were felled, though he spared us with a message.

    "Tell your Council, the Stonelands belong to Jafur."

    It seems the man is becoming Bolder, and he is quite honestly the most skilled wielder of two weapons I have ever met.
    I plan to look further into him and his Legionnaires, especially now I have a score to settle.
    I shall keep any notes regarding him and his Associates here.


  • Concerning. Especially as there has been a rise in infernal activity in the Stonelands.

    He will need to be dealt with to prevent operations in the region being interrupted.


  • Precept Arcanum

    Should you need our aid, the Precept Arcanum has been dealing with Infernalist in that region for some time and I've mapped much of the area myself. I am a tracker by trade, and specialized in hunting criminals and strays.

    I can track your man to his hideout, and we can sweep the entire lot of them at once, at our convenience. There are several places in the Stonelands they could hide, but if I had to guess where, it'd be the abandoned Bedouin camp deep in the desert.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • I offer my assistance as well. And I welcome the chance to learn from a skilled tracker, such as yourself, Naresh. Not to mention learn more of the Stonelands, where I rarely travel.

    The Oath have no mercy for infernalists, so we shall offer any assistance we can.


  • Jafur's bandits at least showed no signs of infernal magic, though they did have some mages among them.
    Either he kept them in reserve, not needing them for a simple Ambush, or the two are Seperate groups.

    I intend if possible to capture Jafur alive, then he can be questioned on these matters.
    If the Infernalists are his enemies also, he may know some things we don't.

    • Ezri

  • Given the Precepts expertise in magic I request updates as you look into this so if more resources are needed for this new threat the council can act on the appropriately. And given an available opportunity we still need to speak on matters Naresh. We must work together to many threats are popping up in the Chaos and I refuse to see the light challenged and the safety of our people comprimized. Glory to Lathander.

    Dawnlord Jadzia Sunguard.

  • Precept Arcanum

    We encountered a barricade of his people within the stonelands, battling them and eventually forcing them from the Gnoll pass we returned to the Clover Oasis where Councilor Hayes made word to Jafar for a duel. He did not arrive, though he sent a proxy in the form of a "Tax Collector" and his band setting up behind us in the Gnoll Pass upon the hill just before Slingdyke.

    During these events the Bandits also mobilized a group to raid Slingdyke, using the larger force of "sacrifices" to keep us busy while they took food & water. None of the villagers were harmed, and a child was taken hostage to force them into cooperating, the child was tied not far from the town to a Sign post.

    From these events, I can make a rather educated guess on why the first group we encountered were free of identifying documents, personal effects, food or maps. These men were there to facilitate the group stealing food at the cost of their lives and this was somehow a worthy exchange.

    I believe these people are part of a larger Bedouin tribe, and considering the length they went for food and water. They may have been forced off their lands by a larger force, this stinks of desperation. These are nomadic people, who move with the seasons to keep up with herd beasts and water supplies. The fact that something has forced them to dig in, and take actions that willfully sacrifice members of that tribe is concerning.

    While I admire their dedication to their tribe, this may have links to the Black Orc Warlock I spotted in the stonelands. Something is forcing the Bedouin tribes further toward Tilverton and Arabel.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • If they are being forced out it is most likely by these orcs.

    I have encountered a partly demonic orc before.

    Perhaps this Jafur could be offered a pardon if his legion wages war on the orcs.


  • I have hired Bron on behalf of the Council to spearhead this campaign for us. I expect the 12 to offer him any support they can. It is not a wildwalker issue, but a Council one.

    750 gold a week, as he hunts them down, to pay for adventurers, supplies and more.


    @Latok said in Letter to the Council:


    Don't like picking sides, but this has gone too far. Jafur and Nazim have crossed blades with me twice and twice nearly cost me completion of my job. They have gone one step too far and murdered a priest of Helm to prove a point to me. I have sworn an oath to Helm and Nahlo that I would stain the sands red with their blood for their continued failure to honor their word. What information do you have on them and do you have any willing to march North with me to bring their heads? My sword is sworn to bringing in their bounty, one way or another.


  • Bron informed me, that the Bedine feel betrayed by the actions of Gondegal, being left alone. Calling our current king two faced, they now take what they can, feeling they are owed something. Yet at the same time, Bron tried to negotiate with them, and failed, meaning the opportunity to turn this into something positive, and win back an old alliance seems to be lost on them.


  • Black Clover Society


    As far as I know, the Stonelands and Anauroch have not been the domain of any nation or state for... About a thousand years, give or take a few hundred? More, if you don't count the fallen Netherese empire who's ruins we explore regularly, but details on those have always been pretty sketchy. Still working on it!

    If he's after some trade, that can certainly be reconstituted if at some point it was abandoned- Providing they have something of value to trade.


  • I broke a barricade of the Sand Snakes, with around two dozen culprits enforcing it. They were not many miles from the nearest settlement.


  • Myself and Adrienne broke a blockade on the Moonsea ride and brought down several Sand Snakes including an actual snake trainer with a massive snake.


  • The wanted criminal Myschanta the Sorceress is the wife of Nazim. Last I tried to apprehend her she made camp near the oasis in the Stonelands.


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