Incident file: Necromancy & Banditry

  • Precept Arcanum

    The Precept Arcanum were performing a routine subjugation of ogres, we'd slain the Chieftain and had moved to return to find our way blocked, traps set and assassins at our backs. During the skirmish with fifty or so bandits, supported by a necromancer of some strength we pushed through with little further incident.

    We have encountered Necromancers at least four separate times and the frequency of them just keeps increasing, an attempt was made to subdue the necromancer, but unfortunately, I ended up bisecting her on the first swing. I do however believe it in our best interest to catch and interrogate one of these necromancer in hopes of establishing if this is some new ring forming.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari.

  • Naresh,
    I have yet to see any signs of such myself, but I shall keep an eye out, and notify you if I do find such activites in the wilderness.

    Keep us informed on your progress. I am curious, as to why they are targeting you specifically. Perhaps it is Precept related?


  • Maybe there after your blood for some specific reason?

    Soppi of the Redwood

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