The Great Eye Tyrant of the Helmlands

  • Well if those wizard where onto something.... were going to be looking over there.

    Soppi of the Redwood

    ///something this weekend sound a plan?

  • Storyteller [DM]

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  • Precept Arcanum

    Intelligence is power, we should clear and secure the research facility. We'll need it to have any hope of testing our theories on these creatures. It's also a good launching point for future expeditions.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • Agreed.

    As Great Druid of Redwood this is my priority, but I'm going to need at least one mage worth there salt in the group to know what I'm looking at.

    Soppi of the Redwood


    The letter is shared

    A few ground rules and expectations.

    Our agenda is to clear and capture the lab, failing that we be seeking to acquire lore and magical artefacts to further our cause to fight the Helmland beholders.

    Once secured the lab will be placed in the care of the Precept Arcanum due to there magical expertise and access to manpower to effectively garrison.

    No one without proper training is allowed to touch magi tools and equipment. Who this is will be defined at that time, however see below.

    We will be using the following list of who has the most magical "authority" in case of arguments:
    Levi Drago
    Precept Arcanum Mages

    Tactical Command will follow this priority:
    Other Precept Arcanum members

    Any organisation that sits on this Council is invited and may bring guests. However no Scarlet's will be welcomed.

    No drama please, you come you follow the chains of authority.

    This will be dangerous, prepare accordingly.

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • @DracoS said in Letter to the Greywatch and Council of Twelve marked Helmlands:

    As per my conversation with Clark

    I took my warband into the Helmlands to investigate the tip of from the Palace that the Black Tower had been onto something to fight the beholders as per my duty as Great Druid of the Redwood required of me.

    We reached the former base itself in fairly good time and found it to be a utter wreck and ruin that unlikely to be able to be used any time soon. Additionally, and of far more concern, we druids felt a terrible wound in the Balance there, worse than Deadwell even. Through much to the surprise of our mage there was no Weave damage. Anyway while investigating this area we were attacked by a massive hoard of beholder kin and Minotaur thralls in several waves, and in one of these waves the dwarf fell. Greg in his favourite white bear shape took the body.

    Some time latter we ran into Delina and her sphinx, and it was pretty clear she wasn't just a old woman, but someone of real power and knowledge and could even tell what nature spirit Greg served just be looking at him. According to Greg when we talked of matters latter she 'smelled' strongly of nature magic and the Weave as well. Anyway she told us she was maintaining wards to hold back the hive and had been working with Raubagaush towards destroying them for good before his disappearance. At this point I asked if she be willing to work with us towards the same end goal.

    She said she distrusted Arabel and would only offer us help in exchange for something of worth and much to my slight surprise Greg offered the dead dwarf. She accepted and took the body via magic before answering many useful questions about the Alpha Eye Tyrant and how to destroy it and its hive for good.

    As we left I became worried about about who we had just run into and the consequences of giving her the body.. so I asked the others to say the dwarfs body had been destroyed by a beholder to explain it's disappearance, mostly if were being honest to avoid Bryce bias legal vendetta against the Wildwalkers damaging our ability to crusade against the beholder. Which on a related note is a major reason behind the existence of the People Shield, since Bryce constant seeding of strife and discord with it has lead the Council of Twelve to become incapable of dealing with threats to the realm safety.

    Anyway my worse fears about Delina proved unfounded, as the dwarf has been reborn in the middle of the city (right next to the bardess Ezi) with a symbol burned into his chest. Investigation by Levi (who you may find may be interested to know apparently followed us invisible through the whole thing) and the Prevepts that it was both the old symbol of Mystra (the one whose death created the Helmlands) and a geas spell, a compelling effect.

    Bryce being Bryce heard compelling, filtered out Mystra and decided that this was another chance to pursue grudge and assumed that my group was in league with beholders. a factor that lead to the shameful chaos in the Faceless.

    I feel its worth mentioning that beholders don't respect the gods anad thus a sign of divine magic is a pretty good sign that its not beholder magic. Additionally I feel its worth mentioning that druid are oath bound to fight aberrant, and that if we were truly adding a beholder, our druidic powers would quickly start to fail, in a similar way to how a paladin creating undead would.

    I've also heard since that Bryce is now convinced the whole Wildwalker are now allied with beholders, which seems ironically funny considering this grudge seemed to have been born out of his criticism of the Scarlets treatment and he's been given enough information to previously understand that scenario is at very least rather unrealistic.

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • Adrienne.

    It seems Soppi missed a crucial piece of information here, That being what they were told by this Delina.

    Please get this information from them so the council can see this threat dealt with.


  • A group lead by the wild walkers, Counsellor Bryce and Ezri, and a few other adventurers, ventured fourth to locate and slay a beholder, so that the Precepts can examine it properly. We found a route to their tunnels below the Helmlands. The place was littered with all manner of horrible creatures. Of note, several beholders, one of them undead, were slain by our hand, through the battle was costly, and we nearly did not make it out alive.

    We have the eyes and the body, necessary for further study, so we may find a way to end this threat to the populace.


  • Can we get a report on what Delina told this group.

    Yet again there is no report from Levi despite him supposedly being there as well.


  • Black Clover Society

    I ran into the group while out mining, and allowed them to continue without me as I am not suicidal enough to bring fights to Beholders. I've fought them, seen them kill my friends, and have learned to keep them at a considerable distance since. I think that's rather fair, considering.

    The only thing I saw at the time before I made my swift exit was the group standing over the body of the apparently dead Dwarf. I don't recall anyone present that I didn't recognize, so I really couldn't comment on this Delina person. I thought it hardly worthy of a report, but there it is if you really want it.


  • Yes, Thats fair enough.

    I thought you may have known something due to Soppis report saying you followed invisbly through the battles


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