Orcs near Eveningstar

  • Orcs also tried to waylay us about a week and some ago on the road outside Eveningstar. They seemed to be under orders to capture myself alive. For what reason I do not know but I have not seen them make another attempt as of yet. Just so council is aware.

  • Which road? The high road towards Arabel or towards Colinwood?

    I can see about searching for a possible camp


  • Just before the bridge to Eveningstar coming from Arabel councilor my apologies on the details.

  • It is likely they have a camp nearby then, Probably raiding for food and slaves.

    We should patrol the road and send scouts to try and locate this camp to strike it and put fear into the hearts of these rampant beasts


  • Dawnbringer.

    Perhaps you would care to explain why you seemingly made sendings trying to interfere with my efforts to gather adventurers to search for possible orcan camps.


  • I only provided this information so you were aware. We do not need the aid of the greywatch.

  • Jadzia your constant minimal commitment to this realms safety has been noted with this and the cultist Talia.

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • Quite frankly council has no business regarding the affairs of the Aster and Lathanders church. Nor is it the business of an oathtaker such as yourself regarding Talia and her exile. So kindly worry about your tree and animals and stop trying to think you can meddle in what's not yours to meddle in. And as such our business as such has little to do with the relative worry and conduct of the realm as I see it. Unless somehow Eveingstar has become its center which it is not. And even if it were you still have no business to deal with Eveningstars concerns unless we were to ask for it councilor.

  • Your order policy is isolationism and secrecy then? Colour me suspicious of your order agenda going forwards.

    Bryce can you and the Greywatch organise the legals of bringing Talia in for interrogation? She heavily suspected as an aberrant cultist and the my prime suspect of using the one slime filled outpost on the west road that clearly escaped Astars notice. Get the answers the fallen paladin failed to get, so we don't have to worry about the beholder agents taking action against us while we figure out to kill the abomination.

    Soppi of the Redwood

  • Careful oathtaker where you point your branches and make your accusations.

  • Are you trying to protect someone who tried to -murder- you?

  • We have already judged Talia for the crime thus she is exiled should she enter Eveningstar again she will face execution if High Dawnlord Belon deems it. Now I will remind you hin it's not a secret it's a matter of you are not of Lathander nor the Aster so stay out of our business. Worry about your precious forests.

  • Just to clear things up.

    Were all these orcs slain or did any escape?


  • The ones that attacked me were slain

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Wait, druids accusing others of isolation and secrecy?


    Clerk Johnson

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