Steele Files

  • Danny finds an open section and begins a file

    Firstly, thank you all for the votes of confidence. I shall endeavor to live up to your expectations.

    First order of business – yesterday, near Slingdyke I was gathering hickory to craft some arrows when masses of beetles began pouring from a nearby crevasse. My animal companion Grump and I slew them quickly. The bugs continued to come, so I sent my companion back to his home, and went cautiously down the fissure to investigate.

    There, I found the place was overrun with the vermin. I was troubled that this was occurring so near to the Slingdyke outpost, and to Arabel. Using a contrivance of Tempus, I destroyed possibly hundreds of the beetles by fire.

    Then I came to a larger chamber, and saw a hive mother beetle about the size of a dire bear guarding a cocoon. I backed off a bit, and imbibed several useful potions to help me battle her. She began to cry out for aid from her brood, but there was no answer, as I’d already slain them all. It took some time, but I was able to put her down. I felt no small remorse at the necessity of this, but my first duty is the protection of the people of Arabel.

    I poured oil on the cocoon and then lit it alight with a fire arrow from a distance. It is my assessment that this matter is likely concluded, as with further investigation of the caverns, I found no other beetles or cocoons.

    ~Danny Steele

  • While patrolling the Hullock today, I encountered a type of frog I've never seen before. It was aggressive, and popped, spewing acid when I slew it. It appeared to have some planar characteristics. I saw dozens of them and their spoor and tracks as I travelled there. I wonder if they are related to the planar spider creatures.

    He stores the frog corpse in a jar of preserving liquid for further examination
    alt text

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