Floki's sword

  • Floki's sword mysteriously disappeared from his inventory while resetting a shield bug (could not place it on him) any way to get the sword back? it was +1 to hit against undead and +1 divine damage to undead.

  • I remember dropping that loot for Floki... I'd like to find out more about the bug, and if you can catch me in game, I'll remake the sword for you

  • However...


    Looks like it's been found.

    Here's what I think may have happened.

    Your inventory didnt have space for the sword when you unequipped it. When that happens, the item gets placed onto the ground. You may not have noticed/seen this.

  • I found the sword in game on the stage in Historic where people dump stuff. The weird part was that the sword was inside a backpack that was UNIDENTIFIED. There were three items on the stage, all unidentified - the bag, some boots and some leather armor. I would not have thought twice about the backpack, but I noticed the weight was odd. That type of bag is normally 0.1 lb, but it showed up as 4.1 lb.
    So I paid to get it identified, and saw the sword inside. In character, I tried to find someone who could use it since it said "DM Loot". I had thought maybe a DM had dropped it there.

  • Turns out is was Flokis sword, and i returned it in character

  • Thanks guys I really appreciate it.

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