The Final Battle

  • Arabel will rise together under one banner and unite against the White Witch, with or without Obyn. We must prepare for the final battle and strike the White Witch down once and for all. I thereby summon the Council, our allies, our mercenaries and the adventurers of Arabel to unite under one banner and cleanse our land of this evil.

    • Adventurers and the Council join forces in the Palace first, before marching to Griffon Hill
    • All available mercenaries and allies gather by Griffon Hill, joining with the adventurers and Council
    • All spare forces are placed upon high alert on Arabel's walls, all smaller settlements forewarned
    • Once united and prepared, the forces of Arabel march into the Goblin Graveyard, before heading North to the Tower of the White Witch
    • We battle the remains of the White Horde as one, with the Council spearheading the charge against the White Witch
    • With the aid of our arcanists, we break down the White Witch's barricades and force our way into the tower
    • We go inside with fortune and hope, and fight our way through until the White Witch falls to our united might
    • We depart once the White Witch has fallen, pulling our forces out of the Stonelands and retreat back to Griffon Hill
    • Once regrouped in Griffon Hill, we depart for Arabel

    To do:

    • Decide a time and date
    • Rally adventurers, and allies to the call
    • Find a way to protect our minds against the White Witch
    • Draw maps of the Stonelands
    • Supply ourselves for the battle ahead

    Fortune favors the bold!

    Luckbringer Ottilie

    (( Suggested time: 17:00EST / 22:00UTC Feb 27th / 11:00NZDT Feb 28th ))

  • Any comments? Does the time and plan suit everyone?

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Crimson Guard

    Plan vague enough to allow for adjustments if needed and improvisation

    time a little late but doable


  • Order of the Aster

    This decision has my full support.

    However, during the assault planned, Arabel will be at its most vulnerable. Several times we have looked left, and been attacked from our right. It is my belief that Maura Marliir has a personal vendetta against the city. I do not believe she would waste her last days defending territory amongst goblins, kobolds, and orcs. She would rather die with her cold hands around the throat of Arabel. Thusly, I am forced to ask myself, to where are we most vulnerable?

    When the army is in the field, decimating the White Horde, I must admit - Arabels back will be turned.

    Therefore I request permission to remain in the city with the full force of the Order of Aster. Myself, Dawnknight Tiatus, Dawnsquire Muric, Dawnsquire Jadiza will alert the forward adventuring body if the Witch comes for Arabel

    We know the Witch has found a means to approach the city undiscovered. Obyn was kind enough to divulge this much information to us. Were I Maura Marliir, It is when Arabels adventuring body is distracted, while the fighting garrison is deployed against the Horde, It is then that I would choose to attack.

    It is my proposal that the plan go forward undisturbed, that we deploy as our Commander has instructed and send the bulk into the field of battle to -finish- her army.

    But meanwhile, we raise our shield, and let the order of Aster do what it does best - protect the innocent.

    -Sir Nicholas
    Dawnknight of Eveningstar
    Order of Aster

  • Admin [DM]

    It is imperative we find out where she is. Rismente of House Misrim or even Eskil Mossmere have been targeted by the witch before so perhaps they have some insight. Kirin of the Guard also has some link with the Witch and the Staff she bears.

    It would have been better for someone to find out more from Obyn about his claims at the time but now we play the board in front of us. As long as Obyn and his mercenaries do not re-join the Horde, it is my opinion that the Legion can hold the Horde at bay. If he is made an ally in this, we may have the advantage that could break the Horde. Your logic is sound but consider this, if the highly trained and skilled members of her inner circle seek to enter the city to strike at us, then she also is at her most vulnerable and the time to strike at her would be then.

    I will inform the First Peer of council's decision once it is reached.

    Marshal Drakebane

    //not going to run two events. Decide if you want to go find the witch as an elite strike force or wait to see what happens.//

  • Order of the Aster

    If we can track and find the witch by exploiting Senior Retainer Rismente and Lord Eskil Mossmeres connection with the White Witch, then we should attack.

    Councilors, I would look to hear your thoughts on this. We've a big decision to make if my assumption is correct, and she does aim to target Arabel during the battle.

    -Sir Nicholas
    Dawnknight of Eveningstar
    Order of Aster

  • Crimson Guard

    If we attack her person she has no ability to attack the city. And if Obyn is as much a fool as I think he is he wil only strike after the battle is over to ensure we are 'weakened' enough.

    It is time to find the witch and parade her head through the city on a pike. I have no better advice to give then this;

    Track her, find her, kill her.


  • Then we join forces as one and summon our allies to aid us in this battle, may Lady Luck smile upon us.
    I would like to invite the following allies with us, feel free to suggest your own:

    • Dawnknight Thornwind
    • Kaldo the Forest Wanderer

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Wild Walkers

    Let us hunt the foul Witch down and put an end to her. Let us remain wary, as she is a wounded animal, yet still, it is time we take a fight to her and put an end to it all.

    We suggest in the meantime, those that can, find where it is she believe she can come unseen.

    • The Redwoods

  • Order of the Aster

    Rismente, perhaps we should attempt to test your abilities to find her sometime in the next day or two?

    -Sir Nicholas
    Dawnknight of Eveningstar
    Order of Aster

  • Who can attend, and who do they wish to invite along for the final battle?

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Order of the Aster

    Myself and Dawnknight Tiatus Thornwind will be in attendance. Squire Jadiza will remain in Eveningstar to keep it secure. Dawnsquire Muric will be in attendance as well.

    Muric and Tiatus would be my chosen.

    -Sir Nicholas,
    Dawnknight of Eveningstar
    Order of Aster

  • (( What time and date is this set for? @Prof-Misclick ))

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