Green Dragon located in the Temple of Lost Lovers

    • Jess, Danny, and Jericho climbed up the mountains between Slingdyke and Hillmarch
    • As they reached the Temple of Lost Lovers, a powerful storm rolled in and they sensed the earth trembling
    • At first they suspected a roc, or a wyvern. Before to their horror discovering it was a green dragon, as it landed among them whilst they tried to hide
    • Rather than attacking, the dragon roared before soaring up towards the skies, chasing them from the sky
    • They were chased down the entire mountain, hunted by the green dragon until they reached the Dragon Trail
    • It should be noted that they most likely were allowed to escape by the dragon, perhaps an attempt to stir panic among the wider public
    • Jericho reported their findings to me in private, to avoid causing panic, roughly an hour after their escape
    • Green Dragons are cunning according to Jericho, if it has decided to reside within the Temple of Lost Lovers and near Arabel, it most likely want something

    It is best we send scouts and adventurers to investigate this, I have to admit I am itching to do so myself! However, lets try to avoid causing wide spread panic among the general population. I have forwarded this report to Dawnknight Tiatus, being of dragonblood himself I suspect he may have some advice on green dragons and how to approach this in general. The fact the dragon did not speak, nor taunt, surprise me, but I am no dragon expert.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Ottilie attached a letter from Dawnknight Thornwind to the files

    @Ruler said in Dawnknight Tiatus Thornwind:

    [Tiatus receives the letter, an unamused expression until he opens it. Imagining the thought of such an adversary heightening his excitement]


    Jericho is correct, green dragons are one of the most cunning types. I suspect it was near something of great worth to itself. They don't tend to spread fear for the thrill of it. Dragons of green will hoard lesser creatures into service just as much as it would hoard treasure. Be wary, if it was of old age then I am most certain it has agents at it's disposal. If it was a test, it likely wants others to investigate this temple. It is the best reason that makes sense to me as to why those who discovered the dragon are not dead.

    They are manipulative and deceitful, they rely on this to gain the upper hand. Their word often means little yet many have no choice but to depend on it only to be crossed in the end. They are lazy yet hard to spot in the forest, dependent on their servants to do the heavy lifting. It likely can cast spells, indulges in secrets(the temple), and manipulates expertly. Their greatest weakness is their temper, easy to predict pettiness and the hunger for power.

    The temple is not it's home. It got spotted because it wanted to be. Remember they are manipulative creatures and can think many steps ahead. They choose to live in caves near sources of water and wooded areas. The hullack seems to fit and the green crystals influencing such events should not be out of question. Nor should a dragon showing face whilst the White Witch weakens.

    If you and the council are to consider such advice I would urge you to see me apart of it alongside Sir Nicholas. My actions speak louder than any play on words and it would seem you need a dragon of your own for what is to come.

    Light be with you,

    -Dawnknight Tiatus Thornwind

  • No updates on the dragon as of yet.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Well apparently it threatened the city as everyone was in a panic about it. Also, Ottilie? I may or may not have used your type of speech to calm people Down-ish. You are welcome to take credit for it.

    According to sendings the Scarlet Syndicate was involved with the dragon.

  • @onlylobo said in [Report to Miss Ottilie on Hullack Dragon encounter]:

    Our group consisting of myself, Jack, Lidilie, and Burt set forth to find the source of the the oozeing plague afflicting the animals to the North East of Arabel. This eventually lead us into the Hullack forest, where we started hearing the roars of a distant creature. We continues our investigation until we hit a dead end. When we attempted to leave a very large Green Dragon blocked our path as it feasted on a cow carcass. Jack made himself known to the beast and engaged in a dialog. It called itself Vardoxklxinvthyrl The Terrible. He spoke to us as though we were mere food. Jack was able to talk him down from accosting us at the price of four White Stags to be delivered at a ring of white stone in the Hullack. We have one month to complete this task or the dragon said he would attack the farmers surrounding Arabel. The dragon flew off after and our party made its exit.
    In my humble opinion, I wish not to bow to this beasts wishes, but I will abide to whatever plan is approved of. If you have more questions on this report please seek me out.

    Dextar Jes'tar

  • @Merne23 said in [Report to the Council: Cyclops, Immertrail]:

    Earth's blessings and Muradin's might to you,

    Some days ago while traversing the Immertrail with the foresters "Blue" and "Pink" I encountered a Cyclops with a White Stag. I was somewhat stunned to find it there at all, and the foresters saw to placate it by offering it another (non-white) stag. It also mentioned something about feeding its children.

    Given the situation I doubted my ability to face such a beast, so I left it be, despite what tradition demands. I will gladly rejoin any expedition to find the beast and its den again.

    Firm ground beneath and fire in your hearth,
    -Grurec, son of Torunden

  • This is most strange to us. The Oath has not heard or seen this creature. Either the green ones goes out of its ways to avoid us all, or there is something most strange going on.

    Has those who seen it described it? Was it a youngling or a full grown adult?

    We would see this stone circle as well.

    • Redwoods

  • Kaldo has suggested that perhaps the dragon is a mere illusion, which could be proven if someone drinks a true seeing potion near the dragon, or cast dispel upon it.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Will keep this in mind, but it is doubtful. It has been sighted in the Temple, the Hullack, and there is evidence of dragon movement in the Collinwood as well.

    Dextar Jes'tar

  • Another update on the dragon. It ambushed me, alone, in front of the city north gate. It made a show of its anger at not receiving tribute, or what it desires which now is the blood of a 'traitor'. It reaffirmed its desires and left. The entire ordeal was odd, the city raised no alarm or panic though the dragon should have been seen by the towers. Also, from what I've learned of dragons, this Green one should have killed me for upsetting it. Then i found a trail of dust leading into the woods. I spoke to both Miss Georgette and Danny Steele on this. They both believe it fairy dust. It seems Kaldos suspicions are correct, and we are victim to some very elaborate fey trick. For what purpose I am not sure, but I think it best we not let them on that we are aware of the trick just yet. I ask discretion in this information. I will follow up on what I can.

    Dextar Jes'tar

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