Prestige Store: Murdered Manticore

  • Area name: Arabel: The Murdered Manticore
    Issue Location:
    Quest Name:
    Store Name: Prestige Store
    NPC Name: Giles Blackstick
    NPC Location: Near the stairs
    Server Version: 210217 Professor 7158
    Screen Shot: Deception.jpg
    Time: 16:20 GMT 18th Feb 2021

    Issue Description:

    Noticed several newly added items have a gold value as well as a prestige value. Tested by purchasing the Deception Hood in this instance cost 223 gold pieces and 500 Prestige Points were deducted from characters total.

    The Hood was also the only one in the store, once purchased it was no longer available

  • Oop. My bad.

    Thanks for this. We'll get it sorted.

  • Admin [DM]

    Resolved 7159

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