High Crimmond prestige store has nothing in it

  • Area name: Hullack Forest, High Crimmond
    Issue Location: Hullack Forest, High Crimmond
    Quest Name: N/A
    Store Name: High Crimmond Prestige Store
    NPC Name: Tindra Undt
    NPC Location: High Crimmond
    Server Version: 7157

    Issue Description: There is a prestige chest in High Crimmond but the shopkeeper doesn't have anything.

  • Admin [DM]

    Need suggestions what it could offer

  • Single use items of expeditious retreat, invisibility, darkness, camouflage, detect secrets, clairvoyance/audience.

    Armours made out of weird monster skins, with properties relating to those creatures.

    Carrion crawler carapace plate
    5% piercing immunity
    +1 saves Vs poison
    +1 saves Vs disease

    Displacer beast leathers
    1ac Vs magical beasts
    +2 hide
    49 charges
    2 charges per use of ghostly visage.
    Single use, displacement

    Manticore bone mail
    +1ac Vs beasts/animals
    49 charges
    2 charges per use, quill fire
    Single use, manticore spikes

    Hullack spider silk robes
    +1ac Vs vermin
    5% slashing immunity
    49 charges
    2 charges per use, web
    2 charges per use, poison

    Hollowed out bullette leg (half plate)
    +2ac Vs animals/beasts/magical beasts
    21 charges
    2 charges per use, bulls strength
    Single use, greater bulls strength

  • Admin [DM]


  • Admin [DM]

    Changes are coming to Prestige Shops in the near future. Not going to fix this bug currently because I'll have to fix it again after the changes are made.

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