Regular Report to Dawnknight Tiatus

  • I conducted several patrols recently. One involved myself, Ottilie, and Kaldo. We put an end to some bandits attempting to grave rob an elven crypt near Eveningstar (bandit quest). Kaldo mentioned afterwards he had seen Drow in the caves underneath Eveningstar. I will investigate this further. I also ventured towards the south horn laying waste to many undeath and returning them to their eternal sleep. As well I continued on climbing towards the Stormhorns. In this venture I came across a statue of what looked like a goblin with a large skeleton bowing to it. Not sure what history is behind this but it may require further investigation as well.

  • Well done, Dawnsquire. Keep steady with your investigations. The lands have been cursed for some time, perhaps employ a mages service in regards to the statue. They often prove useful in discerning the reason behind such madness. And gather suitable wood for our training ground. Such place for athletic and skillful displays would honor the light.

    The light be with you,

    -Dawnknight Tiatus Thornwind.

  • First shipment of wood delivered


    Dawnsquire Jadzia

  • Another Delivery of Supplies


  • I crafted an enchanted ring today for Sir Nicholas. It's properties help protect the mind. It seems to be working. Sir Nicholas shows more grasp of his memories and focus. I will continue in my tasks to watch over him.

  • Well done, Dawnsquire. I had not thought of such a remedy.

    While I am sure it has aided, I am most certain even magic arcane or otherwise has it's limitations with his recovery. Keep a keen eye and proceed as I have instructed.

    -Dawnknight Tiatus Thornwind

  • Screenshot 2021-02-18 115224.png

    another delivery of supplies


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