Tinkering Item Suggestion

  • So this one's kinda wild and would require scripting or some kind of toolset wizardry but I'm sure zool can do it.

    The Molten-Ingot Caster.

    "An insulated crossbow-shaped furnace primarily powered with what might be considered a crude and unstable combination of enchantment and gnomish engineering. It is insulated with platinum as a sort of insulation, yet emanates a low and constant heat until the furnace is opened. The concept is simple. An ingot goes in. A steam of molten metal shoots out on the pull of a trigger."

    Components: 5 Iron Ingots. 4 Platinum Ingots. 5 copper wire. 3 enchanted fire agate. 1 essence of power.


    No Damage.

    Special Use: consume ingot.
    Special Use 2: fire molten spout at target.

    The effects and dmg should be dependent on the ingot consumed. I'd leave the dmg up to a smarter person than myself but I've a few thoughts on the effects.

    Copper Ingot: Applies 50% vuln. to Electricity

    Tin Ingot: Vanilla. No bonus effect.

    Bronze Ingot: Applies 50% vuln. to Fire

    Iron: Applies an extra 1d8 magic dmg on top of the standard base dmg. (Vs. Fey and Outsiders.)

    Silver: Prevents lycans from shifting between forms for x amount of rounds. +2d8 Divine Dmg vs undead and lycans.

    Gold: Adds 3d10 gold to target's inventory.

    Adamantine: Applies DR to target for x amount of rounds.

    Cobalt: Applies Slow effect to target. Also 65% fire immunity.

    Titanium: +1d4 fire/cold/acid/Electricity dmg on top of base dmg.

    Mithril: Applies SR to target for x amount of rounds.

    I think it's a big ol chore of an idea. But it's mine and I'm posting it.

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