Assault upon Tilverton

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  • Crimson Guard

    If Obyn is next in line for house Mirsim and he hires assassins to make a “unfortunate and tragic accident” happen to lord Mirsim I say negotiations are most certainly in his favour. We offer the sellswords amnesty to leave instead of destruction and we get Obyn without having to negotiate with him ourselves.

  • Dawnknight Thornwind suspects that the White Witch may appear during our negotiations with Obyn, something very likely. Would our position be stronger if Obyn was invited to Arabel, rather than us arriving to Tilverton? I rather not put Arabel under unnecessary risk, and I highly doubt Obyn would abandon his heir and wife when Tilverton is surrounded by the Horde. Still, its something to consider, so putting it out here for discussion.

    If we decide to go ahead and venture to Tilverton under a banner of truce and House Misrim, as agreed. We should ensure Arabel is on high alert, along with our mercenaries and the ghosts. This may very well, end in battle.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Crimson Guard

    Right, Obyn refused. Now my turn, if you insist on negotiating, offer a non aggression pact with a demilitarized border between tilverton and Arabel. Only token forces allowed whilst we both focus on weakening the witch. After witch is dead we reconvene another bunch of negotiations to see if we can come to some sort of agreement. If not war it is.

  • Order of the Aster

    I have to agree with the Fang on this.

    Obyn is being quite unreasonable with his 'attempt' at diplomacy. Tilverton has many mercenaries, but it does not match the Crimson army. We offered a reasonable olive branch and were insulted for it. He will keep his citizens safe and we must think of our own.

    We have no insurances that Obyn would even attempt to aid us in this endeavor as it is. He's ignoring that Paul was his own man now that he's attacked Eveningstar. If he cannot even admit to employing a madman, how can we trust him in the field?

    -Sir Nicholas

  • Our attempt at diplomacy did not go very far, despite our best attempts. Obyn was uncompromising and certain of himself, we attempted various approaches but none bore fruit. In the end we had no choice, but to take his demands and share them with the council.


    • Heavily guarded by Zhent mercenaries, lead by a massive woman wielding a double mace, her rank is "Commander" of the Obsidian Skulls
    • The people are well fed, and seem to be going on with their daily life
    • There were no signs of beasts in the streets, in fact all mercenaries appeared to be human
    • Two sections of the Western walls were heavily damaged, but also heavily guarded

    Obyn's demands:

    • His title restored within House Misrim (This is a decision for Lord Islyn)
    • Tilverton to remain under his claim
    • No trial
    • No one touches his son

    Those present in the council agreed that for the sake of Arabel, and the people of Tilverton, who appear to be well fed and well protected, the terms are "acceptable". The First Peer has gone to digest the news, as well as Lord Islyn. A final decision is pending.


    • Obyn does not recognize the Council, First Peer, nor Arabel as its own nation
    • Obyn rather watch the city burn, than bend the knee
    • Obyn is planning to battle the White Witch, after she defeats Arabel or we agree to his demands
    • Obyn is willing to reach a neutrality agreement with the White Witch, if he must
    • Obyn mentioned that the White Witch can approach Arabel undetected now
    • Obyn mentioned he knows the White Witch's plans
    • Obyn mentioned that the White Witch controlled him for a time (Its unknown for how long)
    • Obyn caused Laam Wilaml to glow when he was near

    I am certain I missed some important details, feel free to fill in anything missed.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • @Fizzgig said in Assault upon Tilverton:

    Obyn caused Laam Wilaml to glow when he was near

    I still think glowing swords is a terrible way to choose a government. This goes for the Dragon Bastard, Lady Vaylan, Obyn, or anyone else.

  • Wild Walkers

    A title is something he must resolve with a House of Coins alone. The rest, we do not see why it could not be agreed to. His aid against the witch for his claim of Tilverton.

    • Redwoods

  • Because I cannot stomach giving him anything that takes position away from Lady Islyn. That's why.

  • Crimson Guard

    So who else thinks Tilverton not under obyn is worth sacrificing men and women for?

    Make no mistake destroying the smug bastard would be satisfying but we got to be really certain this is what we want for more reasons then his generally displeasing disposition.

  • Arabel can worry about Tilverton after the White Witch is slain, let us focus on the more important matter at hand.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • After much consideration and self-reflection, I have come to the following conclusions.

    • Obyn should remain in Tilverton - let him keep it. The further away he is from Arabel and Lady Islyn, the better off we all are. I care not what he calls himself while he is there.
    • We do not ask Obyn to "been the knee" or to kiss anything that has come to my mind. Instead, we offer him a peaceful co-existence and a trade agreement pending the defeat of Marliir. He's too greedy to pass up coin if offered the right terms. We need to offer something that Tilverton cannot make for itself. I imagine grains will be top of the list. He does not have much farmland to speak of. His people may be well-fed for now, but how long will that last? Without income, he will start to lose gold, and thus, food supplies.
    • We offer that there will be no trial but only if he denounces any claims to Arabel, its lands, or its people. If he is not a citizen of Arabel, we cannot charge him or try him.
    • We find out how Marliir is able to approach the city. We employ diviners to set up wards around the city to detect her.


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