Strange lights over the Hullack...

  • People have reported seeing strange lights in the sky over the Hullack forest, rangers say it is from the direction of Firefall Grove.

    Pulses of blue, yellow and red, punctuated by brighter flashes of green. People believe this to be some kind of omen of things to come, though none can agree on what.

    Some believe it is a sign of a great battle yet to befall Arabel, others, that there will be a terrible harvest this year due to bad weather, some believe forest witches are enacting their plans to poison the water supply while yet more tell of powerful magic being tampered with, as always, by stupid adventurers, which is bound to cause yet more strife.

    Some are more optimistic, believing it may be the gods beginning to once again speak directly, or that the forest will begin to yield more bounty in the coming months.

    Whatever it is, is becoming brighter, and more frequent each night.

  • Admin [DM]

    The Hullack Forest grows wilder by each day, fauna and flora reclaiming open areas and the forest turns even more dangerous

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