Discussion of Membership: Dawnsquire Tiatus Thornwind

  • Order of the Aster

    Dear Councilors,

    Many of you know my squire already, some of you do not. He is an honorable man with a clever head upon his shoulders. In many ways, far more capable than myself at the task of keeping council for the Peers. As you are all aware, House Misrim and the Crimson Legion are afforded two seats upon the council. I feel, as do my brothers, that the Order of Asters' leadership is paramount to the survival of Arabel. Two seats should be offered to those who would lead you through the hordes of the White Witch and beyond. I ask that you not only consider the words of Tiatus, but my own; You know who I am, and by extension, who the Order of Aster is. You know that each of us would give our lives to protect the City of Arabel and maintain the safety of the Council. We work tirelessly to defeat Arabels' Enemies and see her championed by the Light. We have risen above the failures of the True Sun and with each new dawn we strive to bring hope and clarity to Arabels leadership. Let us continue our great work, let us have a second chair.

    I ask that you give us a test in earning said chair.

    -Dawnknight Appleberry


  • If not the Ghosts, perhaps the Aster could aid in the recovery of the missing children?

    Luckbringer Ottilie

    (( https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/52961/missing-children ))

  • House Misrim and House Vaylan are offered two seats because we are the most influential groups in the city, whereas the Asterians are influential in Eveningstar and are not guaranteed a seat on the Council to begin with. That your squire now demands a seat on this Council via his recent letter does not portray him as an honorable man but an impatient and demanding one. The Order of Aster has its seat on this Council. If you want him on it, you will need to resign.

    //[ooc info]

  • The squire is not demanding, he is being bold! Boldness and big dreams are both important things the city needs now, if the Aster can become influential enough to earn multiple seats then good for them. All they have to do, is earn it.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Order of the Aster

    I'd like to reinvigorate this suggestion.

    Dawn-Knight Tiatus Thornwind has given all he is for Arabel and her Kingodm, I would suggest he be allowed access to this file so that he might be able to further aid the city.

    The Order of Aster has done much in the past few months to secure Arabel as a Free State, and it is my belief that we have earned a second seat upon this council.

    Perhaps, dear Councilors, a vote ought to be put forward regarding another councilor belonging to the Order of Aster and the Church of Eveningstar?

    -Sir Nicholas
    Dawnknight of Eveningstar
    Order of Aster

  • It's not gone un-noticed.
    That said, this isn't the kind of thing you can all vote into action.
    This is something the rulers of Arabel will decide, and that decision may not be as hasty as you might like.

    Rest assured the Order Of Aster is held in good stead due to their actions.

    • Waldemar Scarbrough

  • I am in full support of Dawnknight Thornwind and am willing to recommend him.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

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