Marshal Saga Drakesbane – A Crisp Sealed Letter

  • Marshal,

    I don’t often write to you directly as I think your time is more valuable and better partitioned with in person meetings, but this is something that I genuinely think needs the time and patience ink requires to formulate as it is still lingering in my mind days later; I am not positive I know what I saw.

    There is a young teenager I met during my daily activities that told me about an engagement in the valley outside of Eveningstar, they told me about what a spitfire you were and a young someone leading a group of irregulars to take high ground before a dam broke and washed a lot of people away.

    This person, Poppy, then told me about how they went looking in the Purples camp to find survivors (presumably looking for the Unproven), but the water was so deep they couldn’t find anyone. I have a sinking suspicion that this person died that day. They’re still alive right now, and I pray to all the stars you know who I’m talking about by this point.

    A man in red armor was also there. Tall, handsome, a commanding man who ordered you and Poppy to stop arguing-- perhaps Olaf, I don’t know? He was a striking figure and cared very much for Poppy.

    I’m following a lead, I’m looking into this- discretely- with Rynn, but you were there. You saw the battles and you walked the roads. Can you tell me of any other places Poppy had such ill-fated run ins with disaster? There may be something we can do to help Poppy [A small inkblot dots the page where thought was given to the next words] feel more complete.


    Keline Hallenthen

    Holy Strategist

  • Admin [DM]

    [Reading over the letter in between meetings, Saga has the first tome of The Tales and Fables of the Crimson Lady delivered to Keline's room with a simple to the point letter.]

    Poppy, was a pet name first coined by the late king, after the First Peer rose from battle soaked in her enemies blood, at an all too young age.
    Once you have read the tome, let us meet to discuss this further. You may bring your pupil as well.

    Saga Drakebane.

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