Brief report on the marriage ‘proposal’ by ‘The Bastard’

  • Today a cowled figure came to Kaldo outside of the eastern gate and offered an inroad to finding the remainder of the Black Tribe forces. Naturally he accepted and together with a large team we moved out to the Stonelands where this contact then met us deeper in.

    Once there, he transported us with with some kind of magic churning in the sands and mists to this hidden camp. We snuck through the camp to find a trio of pillars radiating white magic, at which point a magic horn sounded despite none of us having obviously been seen.

    Battle was hard and fierce but quickly won as we swept down upon their camp and hit their flanks from above as well. Once we rolled the camp we turned to hear more, and more and still more. In mere seconds the entire area had filled with them and despite our speed in killing them, they kept coming. Magic flashed through the area at regular intervals but we kept our wards refreshed as the battle went on.

    Ultimately this ‘Dragon Bastard’ swept in out of nowhere with more of these folks using the same kind of magic. He was wearing rusty armor, knew to strike the pillars directly and had the backup of people who used the same form of magic that the first did, in addition to just knowing the Witch was a former War Wizard? Awfully damn convenient. He proclaimed himself of royal lineage and demanded that the first peer marry him with terms and conditions to follow.

    • This feels like such an obvious set up that it galls me to think he’d present this as some miraculous surprise from on high. A man hanging out in the desert pretending to be royalty with the backing of former (or current) war wizards and then demanding this?

    • People bled and died for the idea of a nation free of monarchs- whether they were duped into it by a convenient puppet or a die hard revolutionary doesn’t matter at this point, if they get a whiff of another would be monarch, they’re going to revolt. Whatever power, whatever money and influence can be mustered will not drown out the cries of fury at that kind of betrayal.

    • From what I understand this nation doesn’t have the military might to take on Cormyr, understandable, but the way to introduce peace to a bad situation like this is gradually on favorable terms, not subjugation and half-hearted shortcuts, even if this man is legitimate royalty.

    • This man apparently has a history of butchering Arabel’s people. I don’t think more needs be said on the matter.

    • We’ve not even begun to prosecute the war against the horde in earnest, we have many targets and some are ready to be struck barring a few vital pieces of information. We’ve made victories, inroads, and are paving the way for a safer and more secure region. I completely understand the appeal of this kind of shortcut, but we don’t need Cormyr’s help to do it- we need to show them that Arabel as a nation of its own is militarily capable enough to stand for itself.

    • Finally, and I am not making a threat but rather a solemn promise; if the ideals of this nation mean so little to its leadership that betraying them is a debate rather than a firm ‘no and’, then I will be removing myself from its defense. I am not going to ask better people to die for such an egregious falsehood. The Rabble Rousers are a painful enough legacy to bear witness to, and a wholly immoral consequence of an endless cycle of use and abuse that befalls those in the care of a nation ruled by corruption rather than leaders worthy of their station.

    -Holy Strategist Keline Hellenthen

  • Elves

    Thank you for the summary Keline. I have made a copy of the summary for the retainers at House Misrim and have asked them to fill in any additional detail. Once compiled, I will report back to the 12.

    In the mean time, I need more facts before I can vote on this. But as it stands, I do not understand why this is even being entertained. Would we have the First Peer married off to Obyn? It is not much different a situation. The only thing going for him is the Mists. The Great Druid can explain, and I understand her faith in them. But I do not know enough about him, to feel comfortable in approving this.


  • Another expedition was had this evening apparently, during which time the parties involve met the Bastard and the following has been learned:

    • the 'proposal' is open to negotiation

    • a spirit of the hullack wants it to happen to bring the war with cormyr to an end (possibly the spirit that sent Nan after 'Little Moss'? I wasn't clear on that.)

    • Parties involved seem to think it will expand Arabel's land claim to encompass the Hullack as well.

    I do not see how any of this makes any sense in the context of apparent designs for the country- some random fop springing into existence out of thin air with a 'claim' to a piece of land we've not the soldiers to defend, much less him showing an ability to lead is laughably impractical to me, but I am not given to ideas of bloodline and succession as qualifying tools of leadership.


  • Wild Walkers

    A Scarlet Strategist has forgotten to add that we first gathered outside an eastern gate, as directed by the Hunter within the Faceless. Then the girl Dawn came and gave us the white moss that was needed to open the path through the forest that would get us safely to the sands. From there, we then made our way to the ruined citadel to meet the man.

    The magic a strategist refers too is the Mist. It is of the realm of the Spirits of the Forest. What we felt from the moss that is of it is of some importance. We felt the need to protect it as much as it would protect us. The Spirits of the Mist aid the Dragon Bastard, so a man must have respect for the land and the forest. Why it is so, they would have to ask the Spirits.

    A Dragon in the Mist did not demand the hand of a First Peer but requested it.
    "Thereby, Sir Matrim Kingley, the Dragon Bastard, I request for your First Peer's hand in marriage."
    We recall these words precisely. He also said he would discuss terms and conditions in the coming days.

    They must have many questions for a man. Perhaps they can ask them when terms and conditions are brought?
    We would, at the very least, see the First Peer speak with him first before taking her decision. She has asked for our council and opinion on the matter, not to decide for her.

    Though, Strategist, we wonder, is her mind clouded by the feelings of her heart? For she seems to see but one potential side of a coin.

    More must be learn so that a First Peer may be counseled wisely, in this we agree with a Verdant Song.

    • Children of the Redwoods

  • Great Druid,

    I was not there for the initial meeting of this person. I was trying to keep the Asters from getting beheaded by the Banites they attempted to rough up.

    I apologize if I come off as terse towards a magic I do not understand, I am not accustomed to people with such powers manifesting out of the blue to change the fate of multiple nations at once- I find it disheartening to the work we have put in and an afront to any plans that may be in action.

    Unexpected things happen, and anything unexpected will always upset someone, but in seeing it and knowing there is no legitimate recourse, one must wonder what one's place truly is.

    My thoughts are clouded, but I am working on executing plans to solve the issue. In the course of time I think it will be best for all parties involved when they are put into action. Until then, I have said my piece regarding this issue.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    This is a ridiculous notion and we should use the opportunity to end the threat of the Ghosts once and for all.

    They have killed countless loyal civil servants, and friends of myself. They fought against Gondegal in a futile, pointless war for the notion of a united Cormyr that was dead.

    No, I cannot countenance this offer, I will not consider this offer, and I shall open my own considerable coffers to the man that brings me the Dragon Bastard's head.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    Oh shut up Waldemar, you're just afraid that an audit by the Crown of Cormyr would reveal how much you stole from Arabel while you were treasurer.

    Clerk Robinson

  • Storyteller [DM]

    A shriek of panic from Waldemar, as he double checks all his files, relieved to know that all evidence has been thoroughly destroyed...

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Now that the Treasurer has been put in his place, I propose we at least hear the Dragon Bastard out and what terms he will set out for us in terms of what he has planned.

    If it's not to our liking, we can negotiate or tell him to resume sucking the tits of oak trees, or whatever he does in those woods.

    He has no where to go, Cormyr has already declared he is wanted for desertion, though it could be a ploy.

    Clerk Robinson

  • Admin [DM]

    House Vaylan and the First Peer with consideration of the council's advice, has decided to reject the proposal. However, the "Ghosts" are formidable warriors which may well aid us turning the tide. Negotiations will thereby remain open, the council is encouraged to consider what may bear fruit.

    Twelve Council Clerk

    //Would like to run something for the council and vaylan to visit the Bastard for questions, my time is however limited to 5pm to 11pm GMT+1

  • Order of the Aster

    I suggest that we ask the Dragon Bastard to submit himself to the mercy of our courts so that he might first find justice. A condition of this "surrender" will be the amnesty for every "Ghost of Cormyr" under his command. They would then be allowed to return home, and we might also, if the court judges him justly, gain ourselves an ally.

    His crimes are numerous, however considering the situation, war, and now offering peace, it would be wise to put our best food forward.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry

  • I think Appleberry has a good idea. What happens if the judge decides he needs to be executed, though? Would that put us in a bad spot at all?

  • Storyteller [DM]

    TECHNICALLY, he was tried in absentia and found guilty by his Majesty Gondegal for numerous cries.

    Not that we apparently care what our former dear leader thinks these days.

    Did we even have a funeral?

    Clerk Robinson

  • Order of the Aster

    King Gondegal issued strict orders for Sir Matrim Kingsley to be brought before the Palace alive.

    He is guilty. There is no questioning that.

    What needs to be determined is the severity of his punishment.

    Osco, it would not be called mercy at the court without the possibility of condemnation, or death.

    I believe the council of twelve should, after hearing Sir Matrim Kingsley speak, determine the severity of his punishment as a council of twelve. This suggestion would then be pushed up to the Council of Peers.

    This is after all the primary function of the Twelve.

    Clerk Robinson -

    Was a body for the great King, Gondegal, ever recovered? I would say a few words to honor his passing, and perhaps we can have Gondegals funeral during the winter festival. I find it oddly fitting, the end of one cycle, the beginning of a new cycle.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry

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