prestige store Problem

  • okay now there ARE some exceptions to this, but the problem with the store items are this.

    most of the most of the prestige items aren't worth the effort as items you can obtain through questing/Crafting are just as good if not better
    now there are the exceptions to that
    Like the palace is good, the Murdered manticore and a few select items
    like most of the Vaylan weapons I could just point at the crafted weapons...the crafted weapons are point blank better
    lets take the Long sword that the Vaylan store has +2 Vs human +2 fire damage

    Titium dipped sword is roughly 2500 gold
    2500 gold is far easier to get than 500 points, further more I'd rather spend those points on a box from the palace
    on the Titanium-Coated it's plus 1 Acid/Cold/Fire/Electrical +2 massive crits

    now if you are a player which would you rather grind for?
    and further more you can enchant weapons
    I could put a 1d4 of elemental damage on a weapon for even more gold.

  • Titanium sword is really hard to make and get to. it takes at least a month of dedication. Prestige to get 500 points takes probably 3 days to a week. Big difference there. They were only 2500 gp because that's what the PC charged. He could have sold them for 5k and people would still buy them.

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    @sharkinajar said in prestige store Problem:

    He could have sold them for 5k and people would still buy them.


  • Be that as it may, I'd rather grind out the 5K and spend the 500 PP on a -40% bag
    Because the crafted swords are just better

    lets say I but the Vaylan Sword that does + 2 fire and + 2 VS humans, that going to remain until I get a crafted sword. I mean I can even get a +1 element sword of my choice which is highly comparable. Now if you added +1 slashing to all Store weapons different story that makes them more usable out of their niche and reflects a better quality of weapon.

    I'd like to see more different types of weapons likes slings,hammers, lighter weapons. Outside of martial weapons there isn't much choosing. Some of the weapons are just down right silly and aren't really useful

  • yeah i usually never ask for too much gold selling any gears i craft, because down the line i was stuck with tons of equipment on my character because players never had enough coins to pay me.. so i had to lower my price over and over, and hated the idea of throwing in garbage gears i can no longer carry for weight problem, i rather sell it cheaper

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    Make things on demand, rather than churning it out on mass production. Then you'll get paid for your effort 🙂

  • Puffy Admin [DM] 5 minutes ago

    Make things on demand, rather than churning it out on mass production. Then you'll get paid for your effort

    I agree with you, although since i played real long night hours, sometimes all i had left was pretty ,much crafting, so i did a lot.. ohh no i mean i freakishly did a LOT lol... and player count then was lower, i do believe that had it been like 30 players, i wouldnt have then been able to keep up on demands, plus some other player, could also become competition... and i lacked the experience in crafting and didnt yet known how arabel worked mechanically and by dm standards.. i may even had flod the server at one time with my amulets, and perhaps i should have disclose more of my experience with dms on craftings, and get their feed back too...

    one funny thing i realise now.. many players i quest with, wield titanium sword or weapons but i, LOL, and still no one yet can make one 😞
    and i ll add this, i feel a little bit more part of Arabel because of this, being new here and all, while i come to understand some of you know each other for years.. heck decade... i first was sekptical to be accepted, but most of you did and more.. so thank all.... oh and now i realise i have completly gone off topic.. sorry eveyrone

  • I agree that there needs to be a better selection of weapons at the Prestige stores. For example, the hunters guild offers nothing if you're not a bow and arrow archer. I carry a sling and bullets. The Prestige stores are pretty worthless to me.

  • Admin [DM]

    Offer some suggestions what you would like to see and we'll see what we can do, but that's another topic 🙂

  • I could do a step better, I have NOTHING but time on my hands, I could make stuff, making weapons aren't that hard in the tool set

  • Admin [DM]

    Stats, weapon type and description is all I need. Make a thread 🙂

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