Spawns in Dragon Trail: Mining Cave

  • Area name: Dragon Trail: Mining Cave
    Issue Location: Shortly into the entrance
    Server Version: v7033
    Screen Shot:

    Issue Description:
    May want to cheek into the spawns within the mining cave. The spike in spawns seems very extreme. I had been through it a few times, spawning only very minor enemies like Small Centipedes and Stag Beetles, then suddenly on the way out loaded down with ore I had 4 Worgs spawn pretty much on top of me, killing me pretty much instantly. That seems like a pretty drastic and unexpected difficulty spike with no warning.

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  • Adding onto this post since it's related, but I've encountered Drow 3 times in this cave, too. They're very rare, but I've encountered them on level 9 characters, two times on one character (she's a smith, I spend a lot of time in that mine so it's a larger sample size). My mage had one run in with them there, too.

    This latest group was a fighter, rouge (or ranger), a mage and 2 dire spiders.

    If it's intentional, that's probably a bit much for an otherwise tame mining area near civilization. If it's just CARES then maybe it's just in need of a little tinkering.


  • Admin [DM]

    CARES needs some tinkering I guess

  • Admin [DM]

    Tweaked the CARES over all, live 7051

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