Tailoring Model Flat Cost or Free?

  • I'm not sure how often this gets brought up, and this is more of a quality of life than an urgent thing, but I realized when I was attempting to modify the armor I had just made, it's going to cost me an insane amount of cash.

    I'd suggest a flat rate, or a cap per AC or something. I don't think that's too hard to implement, so it wouldn't be a huge strain on time, but it'd be really nice to have a cool looking set of gear.


  • wait till you see how much for a mithril full plate... which i paid once, i think it was 14000.. it s easier if you are in a faction to collect that amnount of cash, but i would also suggest a little less perhaps, mithril should be expensive though.. maybe like around 10000 .. just a though

  • Admin [DM]

    So this is how it's calculated (via 4 different scripts based on different buying options).
    I assume the "GoldPieceValue" that it is "Getting" (highlighted lines) is the value set on an item in the toolset based on its stats/bonuses. We should be able to change this to lower calculated ammount, or even a flat rate (afaik) but the team would need to discuss what price type and how much it should be.





  • change that * 2 to * 0.2 IMO.

    Then there's a difference and it's based on item "value" - but the price for just changing your look aren't mental.

    Making things look cool is fun and good stuff. We used to have it set to like... 100GP flat rate for anything I think, just to make it so you couldn't change it every three seconds with no problems. (because you could modify anywhere)

  • I, personally, would love the 100gp cost back. Appearance says a lot about a character before they ever utter a line and being able to bring that out fresh off the caravan is nice to get people invested on either side of the keyboard.

  • @Arcanigans If that X 2 was X 0.2 - then that thing you were buying would have been 411GP.

    A lot more reasonable. (IMO)

  • Yes please. That feels like a reasonable compromise even for super high tier armors (which this is not!)

  • 20% markup would be about normal i would say so 0.2 would be more fitting unless you are using the appraisal skill. With active use of appraisal skill it should be much higher. perhaps 0.5- 1.0 depending on how many middle men to get the goods to the customer.

  • Admin [DM]

    Appraise skill is not included in this system.
    We're not worrying about "middle men" 😛 I'll change *2 to *0.2 this weekend

  • Thank youuuu~

  • Admin [DM]


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