Anauria Gemstone - Prestige Points?

  • Area name: Hunters Union
    Issue Location: Prestige Chest
    Quest Name:
    Store Name:
    NPC Name:
    NPC Location:
    Server Version: 6994
    Screen Shot:

    Issue Description: I put the Anauria gemstone in the prestige points chest but got a server message saying it wasnt worth points. The chest didnt 'eat' the item.

    cd078a9b-e642-4e76-b263-9bf3d8d5fb44-image.png 01967ebe-75fd-4471-8c48-cff24a990da9-image.png

  • Admin [DM]

    Do you recall where you found it? Probably lost its variables

  • Fairly sure it came from an event Matriarch ran for us a couple days ago. Not sure if it came off a mob or from the end chest.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Hm. It either came from the palette directly, or from one of the treasure/corpse that comes from the palette.
    @Puffy might need to check what spawns on the high treasure/corpse placeables.

    I'll double check the one I got in inventory for its variables once I get the chance.

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