Unpopular Opinion: Bring back apps

  • On my second character in a short amount of time, I'm starting to see for a human dominated city... there are almost no human adventurers. Most are either a planetouched or a lycan and this means subraces that should be treated more as freaks have lost their impact. You can't hate tieflings, because half your player base is one. There is no point in playing a human, because you are gimping yourself compared to everyone else playing. I think the big selling point for limiting app characters is the fact we have 3 werewolf malarites on the same team, and lycans just got a huge power boost. With +1 weapons super rare and +2 unheard of, team were-wolf just became the dominant power on the server, despite the significant power gaps between them and the other factions politically. I'm playing a Sembite and I have to suspend IC because a racist Sembite would effectively sit in his embassy and do nothing because everyone else IG is either a "mongrel," a monster, or an elf.

    I understand there is a desire to have these subraces tested and their balance reviewed, and maybe that is why so many have been approved, but the adventure populous doesn't seem like Arabel anymore, it seems more like something planescape.

    Once things start to fill in, and once subraces have been tested and balanced a bit, I would highly recommend returning to easy apps for subraces and full or difficult apps for things like lycans or nobles. Its a bit weird to have everyone IG be a superhuman.

  • I'm of a similar mind here. There seems a lot of planar and dragon touched pcs.. who just happan to be planar and dragon touched. And rather than being the odd freaks, there more like the majority.

    I really think there really should be like 1-3 running about at any one time, and the app system seem fairest way to control that.

  • Admin [DM]

    Sorry folks, we are not changing this process anytime soon. We moved to ECL because the majority of the players asked gave feedback that apps suck, exclude people and stifle creativity.

    Again we are sorry but we can't please everyone.

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