Add better potion rewards to quests

  • It's a tough life for a frontline, especially with lack of a buffer and no wage. I pretty much only survive on dm event rewards. I am not saying adding in gold, as there is a bit of an issue with some folks having way too much coin. Instead, adding to some quests on turnin like 1 bark, 2 csw, 1 shield per person would be great.

  • I think with the reduction in factions, and the fact that Crimson Guard is now basically a catch-all for concepts that are not interested in trading, means that the loot system needs to be revised.

    There needs to be some emphasis on non-faction loot if we only have two (very similar) factions that drive conflict and competition in the server. It is not clear if the factions matter so much any more and if the faction conflict (and the future leader) is just in the background setting.

  • What's easier is to add a potion merchant and increase gold drops. It's FAR easier to control gold than potions.

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