Change some transitions in stonelands to make things perfect

  • Lower Peers

    Original transition from Stonelands, GBG should be changed to lead into Stonelands, RoH (new transition point)
    Transition from Stonelands, GBG should instead be moved more to the west to align better with Stonelands, Nem. (new transition point)

    This would also allow a transition from Stonelands, Nem. into a new area above Tilverton, Griffon Hill.

    Right now there is a weird jump from Stonelands, GBG to the north east of Stonelands, Nem. which should really enter in the south of that area.

    See screenshot for detail:


    Also i have all maps of coa mapped out like this (because Nyx is a cartographer).. and they all fit well together (really really great job to the team).. so this one kinda messes with my ocd. ☺

  • Admin [DM]

    Resolved with a tweak 6969

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