Tower of Rabaugash Prestige Store Suggestions

  • Ring of the Arcane - This ring thrums with arcane power, granting the wearer access to more spells.

    Cost - 1500 prestige


    Sorcerer Slots 1, 2, 2
    Wizard Slots 1, 2, 2
    Bard Slots 1, 2, 2
    +2 spellcraft
    +2 perform
    +2 concentration

    Plate of the Spellsword - The famed spellsword plate of Rabaugash, this heavy armor doesn't only not inhibit spellcasters, it empowers them.

    Cost - 1500 prestige

    Plate Armor

    +1 AC
    +3 discipline
    +3 concentration
    Sorcerer Slots 2, 2
    Wizard Slots 1, 2
    -40% Arcane Spell Failure
    OUB: Sorcerer and Wizard, no UMD

    Spellsword's shield - Some that wield the arcane blade hold great weapons, others a sword and shield. This one is enchanted to allow a caster full use of their spells while protecting them.

    Cost - 1000 prestige

    Large Shield

    +1 ac
    60% weight
    -15% Spell Failure
    +2 Spellcraft
    +2 Discipline
    +2 concentration
    5% Magic Immunity

    Archmagus Aspirer - A staff of modest enchantment that represents those with a craving to climb the ranks of the Tower of Rabaugash and become one of their famed Magus researchers.

    Cost - 600 Prestige

    Magic Staff

    +1 deflection AC
    Sorcerer Spell slot 1, 1
    Wizard Spell slot 1, 1
    Bard Spell Slot 1, 1
    +2 concentration
    +2 discipline
    Mage Armor (3) 1/day

    Amulet of the Arcane Eye - A powerful amulet that enhances those of the arcane and allows them to peer into all sorts of various mysteries.

    Cost - 1200 prestige


    +1 Natural AC
    +2 concentration
    +2 spellcraft
    Sorcerer Slots 2, 3
    Wizard Slots 2, 3
    Lore 1/day
    See invisibility (3) 1/day

    Spellsinger's Fancy Necklace - A brilliant, beautiful amulet with a large ruby in its center, this amulet helps those that twine their song with arcane infusion.

    Cost - 1200 prestige


    +1 natural AC
    +2 concentration
    +2 spellcraft
    +2 perform
    +2 appraise
    Bard Slot 1, 2, 3

  • My thought here is to have end-game gear that are more expensive than other stores, yet people can slowly work towards to make them stronger. Plus there's a severe lack of good stuff for casters, especially bard aside from a couple okay items from the Misrim store. This is more intended to be stronger yet takes more work to get.

  • Admin [DM]

    Thanks for the suggestions, these are quite powerful but I will be reviewing the stats before adding them IG.

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