Treasure hunt system suggestions

  • Decided to change this to a general treasure hunting system improvement post.

    First of all the system is great, makes people go out and explore, its fun, scales with party which encourages people to go together.

    Added suggestions in the order that i assume would be easiest to implement.

    1. Make the loot container made of bones destructable or into a different one. (allows claming the same map in the same area by destroying the container, often people have the same map.)

    2. Make a shovel for right-sized people, that also works with the treasure map system. (not being able to go alone is good for roleplay, but bad for solo play), could be smaller, lighter, oub small races.

    3. Encounters based on area could be a cool challenge but should also scale with party, and maybe only be in a 2+ parties.

  • Changed this to a general suggestion for the treasure hunt system instead of just suggestion to make the bones destructable.

  • Admin [DM]

    Encounters based of areas is planned for the future, moving this since the other points have already been covered by other posts.

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