[Famished and Charred]

  • Admin [DM]

    After a pounding assault from a goblin horde taking advantage of the famished village, Immersea is tired, very tired. Its villagers finding little strength nor encouragement, the beautiful water of Wyvernwater mocking them as they time and time again pull out dead rotten fish..

  • Admin [DM]

    Ramping up their imports, the Gilded Scales Company has begun selling dried food at heavily inflated prices. Drawn to the non-Arabellan resource, the few whom are able to afford the Sembian goods are eager to snap it up, before everyone else. Even villagers from Aunkspear have been seen brawling Immersea natives over the resources, causing prices to rise up even more.

  • Sovrabi and others bring fresh boar meat to Immersea on behalf of the Hunter's Union. The massive amount of fresh meat is met with great enthusiasm by some, sick of rancid diseased fish and the overpriced dried meats. There are some however whose demeanor is more chilly. They watch from their shacks and moored boats, billhooks and netting in hand, regarding their fellows devouring the fresh picking with a cold and sour expression upon their sea scarred visage....

  • The following day, a massive storm roils over Immersea, blotting out the sun. The freshly fed residents are taken by surprise as sea weary fishermen begin to brutally slaughter everyone they can find. Before a proper defense can be mounted, the dead rise from the sea, a massive army plodding alongside the fish men cultists that have haunted Immersea's waters of late.

    The resulting massacre is devastating, and many are killed. Some are dragged screaming back into the sea alongside the drowned sailors and fish folk, while the fishermen and cultists disappear seemingly into thin air.

    Immersea stand bruised, battered, but resolute.

    At least until the dead rise up from the sea once more.

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