Starwater Tomb

  • Module version
    Quest name Starwater Tomb
    Quests giver
    Level range 6-9
    Party requirements 2+
    Number of people that did the quest 3
    Party composition with levels Fighter 9/Cleric 8/Ranger 7
    Quest turn in gp and xp 250 each/200 each

    Quest is not profitable. Half Orc bandits spawned with every group necessitating expensive defensive potions. 1 barkskin potion costs more than the whole quest pays out, this is not including healing from the 20+ damage hits the bandits deal out. Quest isn't hard or a death trap but it gives no consumables as reward and requires very expensive ones to complete. Even all cleric buffs weren't enough to defend against heavy damage every fight.

  • I will make more loot for this to help counteract the lack of supplies if desired.

    I would also recommend that HOB's are removed from the quest, 15 ab with power attack results in massive damage and instant-death crits in every single encounter outside of the last area.

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