On garbage in quest loottables

  • Currently it is completely common to open a chest of a up to lv 6 quest and find in it nothing but useless garbage.

    I have been told this is supposedly useful for crafting or faction fetch quests, but the reality is that nobody picks up anything of it and just leaves it in there because, why would you? It's useless junk.

    I think it a good idea to add 'revise lower level loottables' to the to-do-list in whatever priority you want, but it should be added because nobody wants it in there. We want something functional to split with the party.

    PLEASE Please just remove them outright and have the damn thing be empty instead, or remove half the chests in the quests in return for removing it all. Just not chests full of garbage.

  • As an addendum, these items don't need to be removed entirely, if they could be remade.

    Single-use items with various spells that have a little bit of weight isn't necessarily amazing or game breaking but is a far cry from something that's actually worthless.

    "Blood Charm"

    Single Use Bulls Strength
    Single Use Cats Grace
    Single Use Endurance
    Single Use Owls Wisdom
    Single Use Foxes Cunning
    Single Use Eagles Splendour

    An item like the above for instance lets the person using it have a choice from any ONE of the spells above, and once it's used up is destroyed.

    I would be more than willing to make a bunch of these types of items to help pad the loot tables out a bit without chucking useless garbage in them, so long as they actually got implemented and used.

  • Admin [DM]

    Spiffy has removed most of them at this point.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Some quests still have 'garbage' in them due to the existence of certain quests which require it. They are, however, in quests that are rarely done and you need to look for them really...

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