Mountain Climbing Quest Suggestion

  • One of the exploration quests. I like the basic idea but it's more of a walking sim at the moment. I don't think it needs to add mobs necessarily BUT it may be a lot more interesting with a lore or story behind it.

    Perhaps the Temple at the end is in fact a heretical temple to some god and there is lore to be gathered that players could use to start there own little chapter of that church - or just ignore it?

    Perhaps along the path there is info on some battle that was fought there up to the temple, maybe a lost order of knights had a last stand against the revolution or purple dragons and you can see how the fight unfolded up to the temple. Could maybe add information about the knights like journals from the soldiers?

    Really the quest is to add lore to it. It would reinforce what the quest is about and make it more rewarding for players.

  • Admin [DM]

    @Mortek said in Mountain Climbing Quest Suggestion:

    walking sim

    tbh this is what exploration quests are, but I will look into adding some more lore. In the end the area is also left vague for players to use their own imagination for, Cliff of Lost Lovers for example is an excellent name of some crazy theories 😉

  • Oh I know. Lol. Once we got to the temple I was like "Yeah this could be some crazy Shar stuff right here" so it accomplishes its goal of kicking in the imagination. Either way. Just an idea. It could be left as is and I'll still run the quest.

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