Sapphire Order set bonus

  • If you assemble it all, or maybe use the bracers part of it, have it apply an alteration which changes paladins Bless Weapon spell from being bonuses vs undead to bonuses vs reptiles!

  • Actually if this is doable then it also opens the door to a bunch of other possibilities. Blessed Oil of Giant Slaying - 1/day Bless Weapon (bonus vs giants), or Demon Hunters Weapon Sheath 1/day bless weapon vs outsiders 🤔

  • Admin [DM]

    We have "set items" IG currently, if you wear all of them you get a special bonus 🙂 Not sure if 1/day spells is possible, if I recall right they do static bonuses like ability, skill, etc.
    Where's does the Sapphire Order spawn?

  • Storyteller [DM]

    kobold quest you made

  • Oh that was just brainstorming possibilities, if a specific Bless Weapon alteration is possible! Like how the flame weapon alterations change the damage type, whereas bless weapon token might change it from damage vs undead to damage vs something else. Since the set is specifically designed vs reptiles, and does have paladin spell slots. 🙂 If something like that is possible it could open the doors to other new thematic toys for other racial slaying.

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