Module Changes

  • Admin [DM]


    • There has been a slight tweak to the prices of potions.

    • Not all potions are possible to buy from stores.

    • Faction potion stores have also been slightly tweaked. Some factions will have potions others do not, some will have cheaper items than other factions with the purpose to be able to sell the potions for a small profit. Higher ranks will have access to more and/or cheaper potions.

    • Minor tweaks to quest level caps, exp and gold, there were some big differences between quests.

    • Major Faction messengers cost 5 gold for major factions (excluding Misrim due to IC reasons)

      • Forgot to edit the minor factions, will fix that later!
    • Kenkus have access to spoiler

    • New outfits added to Dulbiir's

    • CARES have been tweaked a little to be more balanced

    • Various bugs resolved

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