Summon Theme: Animals

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    Server Version: 6225
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    Summon 1-2 are fine.
    Summon 3 summons a naked dwarf.
    Summon 4 is fine.
    Summon 5 has been given barb levels but doesn't have barbarian rage. Hp is too low to make up for its low AC and low damage even though it's been given the toughness feat.
    Summon 6 only has 1 attack per round. It's also level 1.
    Summon 7 is fine.
    Summon 8 has barb levels and Mighty Rage feat, but wasn't given Barbarian Rage feat, so can't rage.
    Summon 9 has 12 AC, 57 hp, 8 AB and 1-8+3 damage. It's a level 7. Far too weak.

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